Salaries of SHS Teachers in Ghana

Salaries of SHS Teachers in Ghana

A person that works as a Degree Teacher in Ghana typically earns around GH₵ 2000.00 per month. It ranges from GH₵ 1,800.00 (lowest) to GH₵ 2,500.00 (highest). This may vary depending on the teacher’s qualification and does not include allowances.

What Is The Salary Of An SHS Teacher?

The salary range for most teachers in Secondary schools is from GH₵ 948.49 to GH₵3,377.69 annually– 2022. Secondary education teachers teach one or even more subjects at the secondary education level, excluding courses intended to prepare students for employment in specific occupational areas.


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Highest Degree In Teaching?

The highest level of education that a teacher can attain is known to be a doctorate degree.
It can be either a Doctor of Education (DED) degree or a Doctor of Philosophy or Ph.D., a degree in a field relating to teaching.

Can One Become A Teacher Without A Degree?

Needed are qualified teachers status (QTS) to teach in most schools.
You must have in hand an undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification to acquire QTS.

Some of the state schools – academies and some free schools – are also allowed to employ teaching staff who do not have QTS.

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