Salaries Of Chartered Accountants In Ghana 2022

Salaries Of Chartered Accountants In Ghana 2022

Salaries Of Chartered Accountants In Ghana 2022

Being a chartered accountant in Ghana is a very charming status to be identified with, often people tend to exalt them based on their tags alone. In all these, the most important thing in any occupation is the salary and other well-structured incentives.

Who is a Chartered Accountant?

A chartered accountant is an accountant with the special professional accreditation of ‘chartered status’.

These accountants have pursued accounting to a very high level, and have equally assembled a high wealth of experience.
They are as well members of a respected professional body, such as CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and are required to stick to a strict ethical and professional code of conduct.

A chartered accountant is different from an accountant, an accountant may have studied accountancy from a foundational level, and have gained experience through years of professional practice, but a chartered accountant requires one to gain accreditation by passing chains of examinations and having four to five years of experience. Moreover, you don’t need any specific qualifications to bear the name “accountant”, unlike a “chartered accountant”.

What are the duties of Chartered Accountants?

Chartered accountants are constantly engaged to work in diverse ways toward stabilizing the accounts of companies worldwide. Among them are the following.

Tax management

Businesses, individual cli, ents, and other institutions often need a chartered accountant’s extensive knowledge and expertise when dealing with taxation.
They help clients file their tax returns dulyuely represents at meetings with income tax authorities, and they offer all advice relating to tax.

Cost accountancy

As a chartered accountant, your training means that you can offer professional advice to companies on matters related to production. The cost to be incurred ed, how it can be managed among other factors.

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Investigative duties

The expertise of a chartered accountant can be a valuable asset to companies that want a clear picture of their financial position. For instance, companies may want to perform investigative duties when:

Selling a business,
Acquiring a business,
Finding new financial and
opportunities for a business.

Serving on boards of directors

Companies tend to employ chartered accountants as part of the board of directors, these offer bountiful stratadvicevises on how to always move a step ahead.

Accountancy and auditing

From basic bookkeeping to complex financial analysis, accounting is one of your responsibilities. Additionally, you may also work on audits. Given your CA expertise, auditing is one of the most valuable services you provide.

Consultancy roles

Chartered accountants are often asked to serve in a consultative role, helping businesutilizelise resources efficiently. As a management consultant, you can provide consulting services like:
• Development of management information systems and accounting information systems.
• Helping to design, develop and implement budgetary control and cost accounting policies.
•Evaluating the prospects of new business ventures like expansion, project laun,ches, and amalgamations.
•Advising management teams on practiorganizationalonal skills, such as delegation strategies and planning of work.

How can a person become a chartered accountant?

ICAG, thus the Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ghana) is the professional accounting body charged with the regulation of the accountancy profession in Ghana. And any aspirant must complete a program of professional accountancy education with three or more years of practical experience and pass ICAG’s final examinations.

But before pursuing the program, applicants possess a pass in WASSCE, SSCE, GBCE, and DBS. With maths and English a must, and a basic inclined knowledge of accounting, they must then proceed to obtain a certification in accounting. You should satisfy the following;
•You must be an ICAG member,
• A licensed member with not less than 15 years in the audit practice of which at least 5 have been in an executive position
• Proven competency and moral uprightness.


According to multiinformationions from trusted sources, the Chartered Accountant Salary In Ghana Averagely Ranges from 2,500 GHS (lowest) to 7,000 GHS (highest).

A very lucrative work indeed, but needs ann of sacrificescese to attain, hope you have duly informed ed, and thanks so much for your time!

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