Salary Of Fire Service Officers In Ghana

By | October 2, 2022
Salary Of Fire Service Officers In Ghana

Salary Of Fire Service Officers In Ghana

What is the salary of GNFS?

The salary of GNFS is determined based on the 2010 new Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS).
They are paid based on their rank. The last salary paid is estimated to be GH¢1,330. The highest GH¢4,590.00, estimated salary for the higher ranks.

The salary of graduates and recruit has a difference. Their take-home varies.

The said amount may contain other allowances, housing, and transportation for the Ghana Fire Fighters.

How much is the salary of Ghana Fire Service Wassce recruits?

How much do Waasce recruits in Fire service earn as salary?

WASSCE recruits in Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) earn around GH¢1,720.00 per month. For a Certificate or a Diploma holder in the service, they earn typically per month around GH¢2,700.00.

Salaries of GNFS range from GH¢1,320.00 – GH¢4,550.00 thus, the lowest and highest salary. Annually, they earn GH¢34,300.00 as athe average salary.


The Ghana National Fire Service is the government-approved agency mandated to protect life and property during an event of fire engulfing an area. GNFS responds to emergency events. They also protect people and rescue them from events that happen in road traffic collisions in the country.

Ranks in the GNFS


Ghana National Fire Service has two groups of ranks namely the Junior and Senior Officer ranks. Each group rank has a further breakdown of its constitutes.

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The Junior Officer Ranks of GNFS.

Starting from the least rank to the highest rank among the Juniors.

  1. Recruit Fireman (RFM) / Recruit Firewomam (RFW)
  2. Fireman (FM) / Firewomam (FW)
  3. Senior Fireman (SFM) / Senior Firewoman (SFW)
  4. Leading Fireman (LFM) / Leading Firewoman (LFW)
  5. Subordinate Officer ( SUB/O) / Assistant Group Officer (AGO)
  6. (Go li) Assistant Station Officer (ASO) / Deputy Group Officer (DGO)
  7. Station Officer Grade Two (STN/Oii) / Group Officer Grade Two
  8. Station Officer Grade One (STN/Oi) / Group Officer Grade One (GO I)

List of Senior Officer Ranks in GNFS

Starting from the least rank to the highest rank among the Seniors.

  1. Cadet Officer (CO) *It is the training that elevates you to become a Senior Officer at the Fire Academy And Training School (FATS).
  2. Assistant Divisional Officer Grade One (ADO i)
  3. Assistant Divisional Officer Grade Two (ADO ii)
  4. Divisional Officer Grade Three (DO iii)
  5. Divisional Officer Grade Two (DO ii)
  6. Divisional Officer Grade One (DO i)
  7. Assistant Chief Fire Officer (ACFO)
  8. Deputy Chief Fire Officer (DCFO)
  9. Chief Fire Officer (CFO)

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