Salaries Of Enrolled Nurses In Ghana

Salaries Of Enrolled Nurses In Ghana

Salaries Of Enrolled Nurses In Ghana.

Enrolled nurses, (ENs) for short are those who have a Diploma of Enrolled Nursing from a Nursing Training College or University.
They work under the supervision of registered nurses to provide patients, irrespective of their ages and backgrounds, with nursing care services.

Here Are The Salaries Of Enrolled Nurses In Ghana.

• Lower grade nurses earn between GHC2,000 – GHC3,000 monthly.

• Senior Nurses earn from GHC3,000 – GHC5,000 monthly.

• Professors earn the highest salary margin which is well above GHC96,000 every year.

It is worth noting that nurses are paid based on their institutions.
For example, the salaries of a psychiatric nurse and that of a staff nurse are more as compared to that of a general nurse.

• Certificate nurses – They earn GHS 750 monthly.

• Diploma nurses – GHS 900 and above monthly.

• Degree holders – GHS 1600/2000 per month.

How Can An Enrolled Nurse Become A Registered Nurse?

In a space of two years, an enrolled nurse can become a registered nurse when he or she goes through the pathway specifically designed to be a Bachelor.

Can Enrolled Nursing Be A Good Career?

Enrolled nurses have the opportunity to be employed as workers in hospitals, clinics, or community health units to fulfill their dreams of working as health care providers and earning a living.

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They also have the chance to further their education and experience to raise their standards in the sector.

What Are The Don’ts For Enrolled Nurses?

Enrolled nurses with a notation cannot and should not administer drugs until they have undergone and completed their medical administration education.

Are Enrolled Nurses Allowed To Work in Incase Of Any Emergency?

Enrolled nurses are allowed to work in case of emergency only if they are found to be effective and efficient in applying knowledge and have technical skills in approaching situations. They must also have a good sense of judgment.

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