St. Joseph Senior High School Courses And Details

St. Joseph Senior High School Courses And Details

St.Joseph Senior High School Courses And Details

St.Joseph Senior High school. Find below St.Joseph Senior High school achievement, mission, facilities, courses, location, statistics, category, description, and telephone.

The demand for secondary education has increased as a result of high completion rates at the Junior high School level. In response to this, several new public schools have been provided, whilst facilities in existing schools have been upgraded.
Trends in school placement from the Computer Schools Selection and Placement System (CSSPS)
indicate some disparity in the selection of schools. Students overwhelmingly choose the popular but few traditionally high-performing schools thereby leading to oversubscription of these schools.
Many schools that have significantly improved in recent years remain unknown and undersubscribed.
We believe that this anomaly is partly due to the lack of information available to students and parents.

No. of Students (SHS 1): 345
No. of Students (SHS 2): 264
No. of Students (SHS 3): 386
EMIS Code: 216050004
WAEC Code: 0040605

Classroom blocks, Dormitories, Assemble Hall.

1st in the Maiden Quiz Competition for Senior High Schools in the Sefwi Wiawso Municipality as part of the 59th Independence Anniversary – 2016
2nd in the Ten Partner Oil and Gas Maths and Science Quiz competition – 2016

Telephone: 020 307 1140
Location: Sefwi Wiawso
Latitude: 6.269456
Longitude: -2.491365
District: Sefwi Wiaso

Gender: Mixed
Housing status: Day and Boarding
Year of Establishment: 2008
Name of Head: Josephine Love Apprey

St. Joseph Senior High school is a Co-educational Institution and a brain child of the Catholic Diocese of Wiawso, established out of the need to help in raising the standard of education at its catchment area.

To be a provider of holistic and quality education which is also Christ centred in partnership with stakeholders who are ready to assist in the production of a morally sound and disciplined being with knowledge and skills of present day needs.

To create an environment for effective and efficient teaching and learning which will enrich academic excellence, sound morals, discipline and proper Christian values.

List of courses offered at St.Joseph Senior High School

General Arts
Gen. Science
Home Economics
Visual Arts

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