Top side hustles you can start with your national service allowance

Top side hustles you can start with your national service allowance

Top side hustles you can start with your national service allowance

Here is the list of top lucrative businesses you can start with your NSS Allowance.

Are you looking to invest your national service allowance as a personnel into a lucrative business venture?

In this article, you will find ten-plus small businesses with which you can start with your GHS 559. 04 allowance.
If you can save up all your money for the year, it will amount to ghs6, 700 and there are many small-scale businesses you can start with such an amount. Below are some of the businesses you can venture in.

Indomie Business

The fast food business is lucrative, depending on your location. With just ghs1000, you can start an indomie, spaghetti, or tea Business usually in the evenings.
Like every other business, you need to have a plan and get all the necessary resources before starting.

Fruit Mix Business

You can also open a fruit mix business with your allowance.
Purchase different types of fruits, chop them into packaged fruit and offer delivery services to your customers.
This business is very profitable and easy to get on with.

Pop Corn Business

You can start by purchasing a popcorn machine for as low as ghs500. You can then use the rest for buying the raw materials. Find a suitable location to commerce the business for instant impact. You can site your business near shops or markets.

House Cleaning Services

With your national service allowance, you can start a house cleaning business. All you need to get are flyers and posters to make people aware of your new venture. Cleaning materials are usually provided by the clients so you need not worry about how to get them yourself.

Jewelry and Beads

With your allowance, you can start by buying beads for resale since the pieces of jewelry might be a little costly. You can turn your beads into anklets for your customers. As the business grows, you can then venture into the jewelry business also. You can buy pieces of jewelry and make necklaces from them for your customers.


Many do not like the idea of farming but it can be a very profitable and productive business, even with the smallest of spaces available. You can visit an agrochemical shop to get your quality Seeds at affordable prices and start growing crops. Cash crops are excellent choices. Sell your products to retailers or even consumers.

Catering Services

This business will be beneficial for you especially when you’re a good cook but do not have enough money to invest in a restaurant.
With social media, you can market your skill as a cook for customers. You can cook from home or visit clients for your services.

Buying and Selling of Fresh or Dried Fish

You can start fishmongering with your allowance. You just have to get the fish directly from the riverside for a relatively low cost as compared with other sources. The next thing to do is to preserve the fish for a longer period to avoid losing capital. You can smoke the fish, dry it or use the freezer.

Make Wooden Craft

Wood crafting can be a lucrative and rewarding small business when conducted on a local scale. It involves working with raw materials, such as wood, to create products on demand for customers or selling off one’s creations in flea markets and craft fairs. With your allowance, this type of endeavor will typically require good carpentry skills, access to the right tools, and efficient equipment for mass production, if needed.

Sell Kelewele

This type of food is loved by many people. It does not matter where your business is located, you’ll get customers to sell to.
With your allowance, you can begin the processing and sale of kelewele right from your home.

Blogging business

The blogging business is an increasingly popular and profitable venture for entrepreneurs, as it provides a meaningful platform to engage audiences with compelling content. With the potential for a global reach, blogging carries the immense opportunity for generating passive income through affiliate marketing, digital commerce, sponsored content placements, and more. With your accumulated allowance, you can stay in your blogging business.

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Small-scale graphic designing

Starting a small-scale graphic design business can be an excellent opportunity for creative individuals to earn money from their abilities. By utilizing existing technology, such as high-quality desktop publishing software, an individual can draw upon their talents and develop graphics for a variety of projects including company logos, brochures, flyers, book covers, illustrations, websites, product labeling, packaging designs, or even create custom components for larger businesses.


Freelancing is becoming a go-to career choice for many professionals seeking the flexibility and autonomy to work independently while building their brands. Through freelancing, professionals can capitalize on their expertise and passions by setting their rates, deciding the type of clients they take on, and choosing the hours they work.

These businesses were chosen because they can be done while still serving your mandatory one-year national service.

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