TTAG Updates Trainees On CETAG Strike

TTAG Updates Trainees On CETAG Strike

TTAG Updates Trainees On CETAG Strike

The Leadership of the Teacher Trainees Association Of Ghana, TTAG has issued a press release dated 30th August 2022 to update teacher trainees on the looming Colleges Of Education Teachers Association Of Ghana Strike, its impacts, challenges, and the way forward.

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The leadership of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) has made notices with grave concerns on the notice of Industrial Action served by the Colleges of Education Teachers Association (CETAG) on 22nd August 2022 cited CET/NLC/22.8/ Vol.l.
The leadership after careful consideration of the twofold nature of the matter would want to, by this statement, make a professional opinion to its stakeholders and the Government on its displeasure on the likely halt of academic work

It is a sad development to note that this brouhaha is taking pace and is becoming a perpetual canker for years now. As student teachers, we believe the ripple effect of continuous industrial actions has dire consequences for us now and in the future of our country.

At the beginning of the 2016/17 and 2017/18 academic year, the academic calendar and reopening dates for Colleges of Education were all disrupted as a result of this same menace; CETAG Strike. Equally, in 2018, continuing and fresh students were duly accommodated on various campuses with the hope that academic work would commence only to be faced with a strike action for weeks. This saw the dismissal of over 400 teacher trainees across the country due to non-, performance. With this looming issue, we cannot realistically perish the thought of trainees’ susceptibility to this history on the basis that:

Continuing Students with precision on final and third-year trainees who stayed home for over 6 months due to continuous changes in the academic calendar will be reporting to campus for the second session of their semester on 4th September 2022. This in the long run will hurt the academic perform third-year trainees as well as their output on the field. The shift/track system which came to bure as a result of infrastructural deficit in Colleges, causing some year groups to stay home while others are engaged for a perian od of time, will yield no positive results should these issues persist: A prima facieinvidence could be cited from the current level 300 teacher trainees, who resumed on January 8, 2022, and returned home on February 25, 2022, from which a strike action had awesome times.
In the spirit of true service to the ordinary trainee, and the joint quest for quality and progressive education in our country, we wish to state that:

a. The, actors for and on behalf of the Government should, as a matter of urgency engage the leadership
of CETAG to find lasting solutions to these concerns.

b. To aid in solving the same, we ask that, in the circumstance where committal compromise can be made by either CETAG or Government, such a path should be advanced halfway to avoid all forms of stiff differences which may lead to this strike action as soon as possible.

c. We also call on PRINCOF and GTEC to aid in ensuring that the issues of CETAG are addressed with lasting solutions.

To this end, the e want t to admonish all our fellow trainees to remain resolute and continue to stay safe as the leadership works all means within its capacity to help safeguard the interest of all.

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