How To Calculate GPA For Colleges Of Education

How To Calculate GPA For Colleges Of Education

How To Calculate GPA For Colleges Of Education.

About GPA For Colleges Of Education

Student-teachers in Colleges of Education are awarded degree certificates based on their final CGPA. The calculation of GPA and CGPA may differ in procedure due to the affiliation of the Colleges of Education. 

Meaning Of GPA And CGPA

GPA means Grade Point Average, which is defined as the number that represents the average value of an accumulated final grade obtained in a course during a semester. It ranges from 1.0 to 4.0, with the former being the lowest and the latter being the highest. 

CGPA means Cumulative  Grade Point Average, which is also defined as the calculation of all Grade Points of all courses towards the final assessment of a student in awarding a degree. It ranges from 1.0 to 4.0, with the former being the lowest and the latter being the highest. 

Top Strategies To Improve Your GPA In College

The class that one gets at the end of the program determines the GPA and the CGPA one accumulates. The GPA is calculated at the end of every semester from the first year to the last year of the program. Afterwards, the CGPA is calculated to get the class of the student. Since all the forty-six (46) Colleges of Education are not affiliated to the same university, this process may differ. 

Grading System For Colleges Of Education

It refers to the grade, grade point and the description of marks obtained by the student. 

Colleges Of Education Grading System 2022

Grade: It refers to the alphabetical representation of marks. 

Grade point: It refers to number which is used to denote the mark and grade obtained.

The Grading System

Marks Grades Grade PointsDescriptions
80 -100A4.0Excellent
75 -79B+3.5Very Good
70 – 74B3.0Good
65 – 69C+2.5Average
60 – 64C2.0Fair
55 – 59D+1.5Barely Satisfactory
50 – 54D1.0Weak Pass
0 – 49E0Fail

How to Calculate GPA for Colleges of Education 

  • Note down all marks obtained in the courses. 
  • Find the grades, grade values and the credit points, thus credit hours.
  • Multiply each grade with the number of its credit points.
  • Total your grade points and the total credit points.
  • Add up the products of the credit points and the grade points.
  • Using the credit hours, divide the sum of the grades and credit points.
  • The obtained value becomes the GPA for the semester.

The table below shows a practical way of calculating GPA.

EBS 12180A4.0312.0
EBS 13277B+3.5310.5
EBS 13370B3.039.0
EBS 14068C+2.525.0
EBS 15554D1.011.0
EBS 16774B3.026.0
EBS 19192A4.0312.0

Hence, GPA = Total  CP × GP/ Total CP 

                      = 55.5/ 17

                      = 3.2647

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