BECE Placement 2022 Out, Check Placement Here

BECE Placement 2022 Out, Check Placement Here

BECE Placement 2022 Out, Check Placement Here

BECE Placement 2022 Out. 2022 BECE placement for school candidates have been released today, check your placement here

The authorities of the Ghana Education Service wish to inform the general public, especially the 2021 BECE Candidates that the 2022 Computerized School Selection and Placement is finally out.

According to Ghana Education Service, all candidates who were met the placement criteria have been placed in the various senior high schools across the country.

BECE Placement 2022 Out, Check Your Placement Here

Places To Buy BECE CSSPS placement 2022 checker Card

The following are the full list of approved vendors endorsed to sell 2022 BECE placement checker pins

•MTN Offices
•Money Merchants
•Financial Institutions ( Banks)
•Online Platforms

How Placement is done at CSSPS Portal

The CSSPS placement collects data of all candidates students who took part in the BECE Exam and aggregates them into a ranked list.

The CSSPS algorithm works by using candidates’ cumulative grades from 6 subjects for the selection criteria.

Below is the list of subjects used for CSSPS placement; English Language, Mathematics Social Studies, and the best two elective subject

Automatic Placement System (APS)
After students have been ranked by their BECE performance, the Automatic Placement System takes charge and places students into the Secondary school of their choice.

This placement is based on Programs and Residential vacancies in various Senior High Schools, and most importantly on the performance of students in the Exams.

Self Placement Explained

Self-placement is a term that is used to refer to a process where candidates who do not get any of their selected choices chose schools themselves.

Steps To Check Your 2021 BECE Placement

follow the steps outlined below to check your BECE Placement 2022

Visit the CSSPS official website using the address or
Follow the instructions on the page
Make payment by choosing your mobile wallet and making a payment for your e-voucher.
NOTE: candidates must note that Each e-voucher costs 5GHC and can be used an unlimited number of times by a single student.

Self Placement Procedures

All candidates who have not been placed in their chosen shs automatically should follow the steps below to do self-placement.

Visit CSSPS official placemat checking portal using the address: or
Select check placement module on the page to continue the process
Enter your e-voucher PIN and Index Number (i.e after successful purchase in the steps above) and click on enter
You’ll be redirected to the self-placement module.
Here, you’ll be provided with a selection of schools to pick from based on your aggregate. Choose your desired school as well as your residential preference (day/boarding).
Finally, click on Confirm and print changes.

All candidates who experiencing challenges in the placement processes should contact Ghana Education Service using the details below;

For inquiries on 2022 PLACEMENT visit any of our solution centers or Call our helpline
030 7007777

NOTE:GES is urging all BECE candidates not to pay any money to any person to assist them in the placement processes.

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