Ghanaian Teacher Denied Love On Date Rush Because Of This

Ghanaian Teacher Denied Love On Date Rush Because Of This

Ghanaian Teacher Denied Love On Date Rush Because Of This

A Ghanaian Teacher, aged 37 was denied love on the popular TV3 love program, Date Rush.

During the Date Rush programme which was telecasted, a young energetic man introduced himself as a teacher on the show which is a usual stage in the show.

After his introduction, a lady on the show didn’t cover words about the noble teaching profession. She made it crystal clear to the teacher that his career does not pay much compared to other professions.

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The above was the rationale behind their denial of the teacher’s love on the show.

Even though the host intervened by advising them not to stereotype the noble profession, harm has been caused already.

The young teacher further explained to achieve his aim on Tv that he is not a Ghana Education Service (GES) staff. He is rather a Cambridge curriculum teacher.

The further words of the young teacher were considered by many viewers as a “punch” to GES.

His words of encouragement (further explanation) were also denied by the ladies making him (the teacher) not find love.

On the other edge of considering a career as a requirement for most ladies on the Date Rush, a Gabonese also introduced himself as a seasonal painter meaning, he will be unemployed after completing a job.

His job will not flow /or be constant like the teacher but he had a date.

Deducing from the attitudes of the ladies and the two (2) careers, could it be that people do not regard the noble teaching profession?
or most ladies have a bad impression of the profession?

The stigma associated with teaching in Ghana is on the rise.

The various leaders of education in Ghana must sit up and up their game for Ghanaian teachers. They deserve better for the service they dedicated their lives to providing.

For issues about an institution to surface on shows of such calibre, it might also mean that a lot of people outside the show have the same mindset about most Ghanaian teachers.

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