How to Apply For France Visa Online

How to Apply for France visa online

How to Apply for France visa online

Apply for France visa online. All the steps (or guidelines) required to follow and apply for your France visa have been simplified HERE>>>>

How do I apply for a visa to France?

France visa requirements
Check below the visa requirements for France Citizens;

A complete application form.

Two (2) current passport pictures of yourself.

Get a valid passport that is in a good condition.

Evidence of the person applying or the address of the applicant.

Evidence of a booked Round-Trip Flight Ticket with a travel itinerary

Evidence of a travel Visa Insurance.

How to Apply for France visa online

How do I apply for a visa to France?

All the steps (or guidelines) required to follow and apply for your France visa have been simplified HERE>>>>

1 Situation check. It entails verifying your eligibility for the visa your want to apply for.

2 Carry on with the application online. Identify a center of your choice, submit /or fill in the needed information been asked for in the application online.

Documents like the travel document (issued for 10 years or less) in its original state with a copy should be set aside for applying, get two (2) current ID pictures of yourself. The format is ISO/IECI.

Add a supporting document(s).

Since it’s France, a French-speaking counter, make sure you submit a well-translated visa. Translate your documents to French if it’s not written in French originally.

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Your country must be eligible for this process.

In all, you will be asked to provide and create a personal account that will use your e-mail, afterwards, you will receive the list of the supporting documents.

France visa appointment

  1. Book an appointment with the consular.
    It’s a vital service because your application will be reviewed from the top to the bottom before getting the approval to travel. Make it important to submit your application about three (3) or two (2) weeks before your date of departure is due for easy reviewing.
  2. The submission of your file. Send all copies of your documents when submission is due. Make it a point to submit your application in person without seeking any help or representative for the service.

What is captured for biometrics in the visa?

Your details will be captured in a biometric format at this stage of the visa application. They include your fingerprint, photo, and others which will be worked on after sending them to the consulate.

Send your documents and the passport with the ID pages.

How much is the visa fee?

Pay the fees for the visa as well. The fees comprise the cost that the incurred when processing your France visa application for your and settling other services that added up to the success of your visa application. The charge should be around €40 because it might vary depending on your country (where you are applying from).

The tracking phase. The tracking of the application is the final phase in the France visa process. Through the tracking, you will be alerted if the visa is ready for collection from the visa center you applied at for your travels schedules.

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