How To Register For NTC 2023 Exams

How To Register For NTC 2023 Exams

How To Register For NTC 2023 Exams

It has not been long since the NTC brought Teacher Licensure Exams. A lot of teachers failed this examination. Recently, the National Teaching Council opened its portal for teachers under the NTC indexing. This article will guide you step-by-step on how to pay for NTC indexing Numbers using mobile money(MOMO).

How To Pay For NTC Indexing Number

👉First of all, dial 77251# on your phone NB: it works on all networks.

👉Three options will pop up. Select option 1(fresh candidate) and follow the prompt to purchase the voucher which contains the pin and serial number. The amount of money to be paid will be displayed to you and make sure to have enough fun your d in your yoMomoomo wallet

👉When you are done, dial 77251# again but this time around select option 2(indexing fee) to buy the indexing.

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👉After that, dial 77251# again then select option 3(check voucher) follow the prompt to obtain your pin and serial number that you bought in the second step
👉 Click on the link below

👉You do this by selecting “new registration” using use your indexing, pin, and serial number to log in

👉Lastly, select your disability status and click submit

Make sure you do not miss any of the steps above to make your registration stress free and a successful one.

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