Is Steel/Iron Ore A Good Career Path?, Full Details

Is Steel/Iron Ore A Good Career Path?

Steel/iron ore is a good career path. Steel or iron ore is a very great material used in manufacturing which makes the industry one that has long-lasting appeal and a lot of job opportunities.

Having a job in a steel or iron ore industry can be a very difficult one with the physicality involved especially, in those entry-level positions.

However, it is always possible to work your way up into management positions or higher levels through determination, consistency, and perseverance.

If you’re comfortable with the steel/iron industry and you desperately want a career in it after learning this, then I suggest you continue reading this article to find out more about your life ambitions.



It came on top of the list of the biggest steel companies in the world. It is an Indian and Luxembourgish company that has headquarters in Luxembourg. The company is also known to be one of the most recently established companies out there since the year 2006. The company has employed more than 200,000 workers worldwide.

China Baowu Steel Group

One of the biggest steel companies in the world currently in terms of steel production is China’s Baowu Steel Group. It was founded forty-four (44) years ago in the year 1978 and has since then employed more than 180,000 workers. Some time ago, the company got into a controversy when the United States Steel Corporation accused it of stealing secrets which ensured a probe to investigate the said allegation.

Nippon Steel

This company was established merely ten (10) years ago, that was in the year 2012. It came into existence through the merging of Sumitomo Metal and the old Nippon Steel. In the year 2013, the company was ordered to pay around $88,000 to each of the four South Korean workers who were forced to work during World War II. The total steel production of the company in 2019 is 51.7 million tons.

Hesteel Group

It is considered the second biggest steel production company in China. It was formed in the year 2008, and later had a change of name in 2016. It is a state-owned property of the Republic of China.


The company was established fifty-four (44) years ago in the year 1968. POSCO is regarded as the largest steel-making company in South Korea. The company has employed more than 30,000 workers.

Jiangsu Shagang

It was established forty-seven (47) years ago in 1975. It has a total steel production of 41.1 million tons. Total profits amass to $717.6 million in 2019.

Ansteel Group

It is a state-owned Chinese company that is also one of the oldest steel companies worldwide. It was established 106 years ago in the year 1916. The company has its headquarters in Anshan.

Jianlong Steel

It is known to be the biggest steel manufacturing company in Tangshan. It is a private industry. The company was founded 22 years ago in the year 2000. The total steel production of the company in 2019 was 21.6 million tons.

Tata Steel

It has headquarters in Kolkota, West Bengal, and was established 115 years ago in 1907. The company has employed more than 32,000 workers. The total assets of the company as of 2020 were $34.4 billion.


The Chinese company is one of the oldest companies in the world. They have branches in Southern Peru. Total assets as of 2020 were $20 billion.

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