Latest Jobs In Ghana Today 2022

Latest Jobs In Ghana Today 2022

Latest Jobs In Ghana Today 2022

Are you a graduate looking for a job in Ghana currently, look no further. This page will provide you with a detailed list of urgent job vacancies, high-paying jobs, private sector jobs, and government sector jobs in Ghana.

List Of Jobs In Ghana Today 2022

The following are the various job opportunities currently available:

• Financial Analyst at Servair Ghana

They are an International Catering Company which engages in various kinds of activities in the catering industry and they are looking for a financial analyst.

• Management Accountant at Landtours Ghana Ltd

He or she will be required to maximize returns on financial assets by formulating and implementing financial policies, controls, procedures, reporting systems, and accountability.

• Internal Control Manager at MODEC Ghana

The Internal Control Manager will be responsible for managing and conducting reviews that are ongoing of organizational control, compliance with policies and regulations, and operating procedures.

• Cashier at Day Max Ghana Ltd

The cashier will be responsible for scanning goods to ensure that the price is accurate. He or she will also track transactions balance sheets and report any differences.

• Building Engineer at Plammis Ghana Ltd

He will perform maintenance on equipment and electrical systems. He also needs to respond to emergencies professionally.

• Service Coordinator at Halliburton

This company seeks to recruit a service coordinator who will create sale orders to contracts and price agreements for scheduled jobs. He also needs to coordinate the day-to-day activities of the company.

• Information Technology Assistant at USAID Ghana

The information technology assistant is required to report to both the operations manager and the human resource manager. He must provide technical services through USAID to strengthen the local and international government plans.

Job Vacancy For Information Technology Assistant At USAID Ghana

• Information Technology Analyst at Unilever

The IT analyst will play a key role in the global Information Technology Innovation of service lines efficiently and effectively in the delivery of business operations. He must understand the plans and responsibilities that will enable him to participate and achieve business objectives.

• School councilor at North Hills International School

One is required to acquire a degree in Guidance and Counseling. Applicants must have the skill to control the behavior of students. He or she must be at least forty-five (45) years of age with a work experience of at least two (2) years.

Job Vacancy At North Hills International School

• Department of Plant and Environmental Biology at the University of Ghana

Applicant must have a Masters’s degree in Plant Science or other related disciplines and also a Ph.D. in Plant Anatomy.
Must exhibit the ability to work in a team and also promote the Plant Anatomy development program.
Must be able to handle other Basic Plant Science courses and be between the ages of 25 to 45.

Apart from these detailed jobs, there are a host of others in various sectors in Ghana.

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