Job Vacancy For Information Technology Assistant At USAID Ghana

Job Vacancy For Information Technology Assistant At USAID Ghana

Job Vacancy For Information Technology Assistant At USAID Ghana

Introduction And Background Of The Job

The multi-sectoral approach to the project draws together global nutritional experience to design, implement & evaluate programs that address the causes of malnutrition. USAID advancing nutrition tries to maintain positive outcomes by strengthening the environment to save lives, building local capacity, improving health services, supporting behavior change building resilience, advancing development using a system approach, and increasing economic productivity.

From the year 2020 to 2023, USAID Advancing Nutrition will provide technical support and assessment services to enhance the Ghana government’s efforts in improving the delivery of quality services that promote household and early childhood growth and development.

Services of technicality provided through USAID Advancing Nutrition strengthens both local and national government plans in Northern Ghana and it stimulates the development of multi-sectoral solutions to the problems of most importance in food security and nutrition.

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The portfolio encompasses activities that are funded by USAID Washington and the USAID Ghana Mission.

Major Roles And Responsibilities Regarding The Job

  1. One must be ready to assist management in implementing IT policies, protocols, and procedures across the program.
  2. You must repair faulty parts of the monitors and Laptops with minor issues to ensure that the computers work at all times.
  3. One must manage the network to enable the flow of data transmission and communication at all times.
  4. Provide expert advice on procurement of IT equipment and accessories.
  5. Must keep records of all IT equipment.
  6. One must protect and troubleshoot all IT equipment. For example, printers, phones, cameras, LAN & WAN infrastructures.
  7. One must be ready to perform computer-based operations like end-of-day processing, backup and recoveries, network support, and others.
  8. Being able to set up administer, and maintain Internet gateways and MS Windows including forming partnerships with outside agencies and consultants if need be.
  9. Must assist all staff members.
  10. Must provide integrated support in MS Office if the need arises.

Required Skills Or Experience Under Consideration

  1. Educational background.
  2. Work experience.
  3. Skills and competencies.
  4. Language proficiency.

How To Apply For The Job

Send CV to the email address below;

Deadline: 119th August, 2022

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