List Of Top 5 Natural Gas Distribution Companies In Ghana

List Of Top 5 Natural Gas Distribution Companies In Ghana

List Of Top 5 Natural Gas Distribution Companies In Ghana

In our everyday life, we make use of Natural gas which also plays a big role in every economy, especially in the energy sector. There are thousands of people who rely on natural gas to power their homes and businesses, so choosing a career in natural gas distribution can be regarded as a smart choice that one has made.

The salary in the energy field is amazing. A huge amount of money is paid to them monthly including work-related bonuses and overtime which tallies to be a lump-sum monthly salary if you take your work seriously.

Works in this industry range from being a sales personnel to a general overseer of operations. As you work hard with dedication and perseverance, you might as well attain positions at the high hierarchy of the organization.

Many managers involved in natural gas distribution work on building the infrastructures that are needed for the transportation of the gas from one place to the other. This includes building pipelines, reservoirs, refineries, wells, and storage facilities for the fuel.

List Of Top Natural Gas Distribution Companies In Ghana

Ghana Oil Company

The company is widely known as GOIL and it was incorporated initially as a private company in 1960 as AGIP Ghana. The company was formed to sell petroleum products, especially fuel, lubricants, bitumen, and other products. The company is run by ten member committee.

Star Oil Company

The company was incorporated in 1998, twenty-four years ago as an oil marketing firm.
The mission and vision of the company are to operate facilities handling the storage and marketing of oil products in all districts in Ghana more effectively and efficiently.
It Is the oldest oil marketing company in the country and is owned by private investors. It is devoid of foreign participation.

Antlis Oil and Gas

It is a limited liability company that focuses on midstream and downstream operations worldwide.
Analysis has incorporated seven years ago in the year 2015, under the laws of Ghana and their Certificate number of Incorporation is CS646012015. The company operates with structures geared towards the achievement of organizational goals as a bulk oil distribution company.

Kosmos Energy

It is an oil and gas firm established in the United States and was incorporated in Bermuda. The company has offices in Ghana and other African countries including Senegal and Mauritania. They are distinguished by increased production, a network of development opportunities, and balanced exploration history.

Platon Gas Oil Company

They are the first refinery in the country which was operated privately. It was established in Ghana eight years ago in 2014.
Their refinery is located in Tema, which happens to be the most industrialized city in the country. Platon Gas company was given the license as a private liability company in the year 2014.

The company invested about $10 million in the Ghanaian economy, precisely the energy sector as a private investment.

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