50 Highest Paying Jobs In Ghana And Their Salaries, Check List

50 Highest Paying Jobs In Ghana And Their Salaries, Check List

50 Highest Paying Jobs In Ghana And Their Salaries, Check List

Job, in general, is an occupational work, activity, or task usually done to earn income either by wages or salary.

We’re going to have a look at some of the most profitable jobs in Ghana with their incomes in this article carefully with evidence of people making it great in some job areas.

List Of Top Paying Jobs In Ghana And Their Salaries

50 Highest Paying Jobs in Ghana across the Energy, Administration, Accounting, Advertising, and Construction sectors have been compiled in this comprehensive list.

The order of the list starts from the Energy, Administration, Accounting, Advertising, and finally the Construction sectors.

50 Highest Paying Jobs And Their Salaries In Ghana

  1. The Operations Manager receives GH¢10,600.00
  2. The Geophysicist receives GH¢8,450.00
  3. The Engineering Geologist receives GH¢8,300.00
  4. The Exploration Manager receives GH¢8,070.00
  5. The Energy Dispatch Director receives GH¢7,960.00
  6. Geothermal Production Manager receives GH¢7,770.00
  7. The Mining Project Manager receives GH¢7,660.00
  8. The Service Delivery Manager receives GH¢7,390.00
  9. The Chief Executive Officer receives GH¢11,300.00
  10. The Chairman of The Board receives GH¢11,000.00
  11. The Chief Financial Officer receives GH¢10,400.00
  12. The Regional Director receives GH¢10,100.00
  13. The Executive Manager receives GH¢9,180.00
  14. The Chief Corporate Officer receives GH¢9,110.00
  15. Managing Director, GH¢9,050
  16. General Manager, GH¢8,800
  17. The Risk and Capital GH¢8,550
  18. Chief Operating Officer GH¢8,490
  19. The Finance Director receives GH¢10,500
  20. The Financial Manager GH¢9,960
  21. The Investment Advisor GH¢9,500
  22. The Risk Management Director GH¢8,520
  23. The Economist receives GH¢8,300
  24. The Tax Director receives GH¢8,220
  25. The Audit Director receives GH¢8,150
  26. The Investment Fund Manager receives GH¢7,920
  27. The Accounting Manager receives GH¢7,540
  28. The Auditing Manager receives GH¢7,390
  29. The Advertising Sales Director receives GH¢8,670
  30. The Events Director receives GH¢8,450
  31. The Advertising Manager receives GH¢8,070
  32. The Product and Brand Manager receives GH¢7,920
  33. The Sales Promotion Manager receives GH¢7,840
  34. The Media Production Manager receives GH¢6,790
  35. The Media Sales Executive receives GH¢6,490
  36. The Social Media Manager receives GH¢6,410
  37. The Digital Media Strategist receives GH¢6,180
  38. The Advertising Account Manager receives GH¢6,030
  39. The Construction Manager receives GH¢8,670
  40. The Construction Project Manager receives GH¢8,300
  41. The Construction Operations Manager receives GH¢7,920
  42. The Site Leader receives GH¢7,540
  43. The Building Contracts Manager receives GH¢7,170
  44. The Tender Manager receives GH¢6,860
  45. The Building Sales Manager receives GH¢6,710
  46. The Construction Quality Control Manager receives GH¢6,260
  47. The Purchasing Manager receives GH¢5,660
  48. The Installation Manager receives GH¢5,510

List Of Top Paying Jobs In Ghana And Their Salaries


Engineering has become one of the most recognized and reliable jobs in the world. Petroleum engineering is an example in Ghana. The monthly payment is around GH¢5,000.00 and above. Engineering can be electrical mechanical or aerospace.

Business Analysts

Business analysts create and analyze business proposals, identify problems, and look for ways of solving them. They act as a link between the companies they work for and their customers. Their salary is estimated to be GH¢23,000.00.

Crypto Currency Trading

Bitcoin is now recognized as one of the highest Crypto Currencies in the market. With the use of a ledger system called Blockchain, Crypto Currency can be mined, traded, or even stored for the future.

List of 8 Highest Paying Private Companies In Ghana 2022

Highest Paying Companies In Ghana, Check Now

Highest Paying Jobs In Ghana And Their Salaries, Check Now

Jobs with Highest Salary in Ghana

Crypto Currency can be used to pay bills, and buy and sell across several digital platforms. Experts in Crypto trading can make around GH¢35,000.00 a month.

Forex Trading

Forex trading is the exchange of currencies with others, thus buying and selling different currencies. The Forex Market (FX) is one of the largest financial markets in the world currently. Experts in this area can accumulate more than GH¢20,000.00 a month.

Project Manager

Project managers plan how to design work ethics to keep the company running. When ideas are suggested by the project manager, they will then be sent to the operations manager or director of the company to undertake works in the interest of both the company and its stakeholders. A project manager earns an amount of GH¢70,000.00 monthly.

Operations Manager

They are personnel who make sure that the manufacturing of goods and services is ongoing to facilitate the smooth running of the company. Operation managers make sure that there is high efficiency and effective rate of the production of goods and services in the country or industry. Operations managers are paid GH¢48,000.00 on monthly basis.

Account Manager

Account managers are the ones who are supposed to bring on board customers to the company through their diligent work. Companies without an account manager normally do not fulfill their financial aims and objectives as an entity. They receive handsome pay because of the nature of their work. They are paid a monthly salary of approximately GH¢5,000.00

Shipping Supervisor

Shipping requires personnel to be in charge of transactions that are ongoing and are paid well for their maintenance schedules. They take note of the departure and the arrival of ships for deliveries of goods for customers.

Workers at the ports are said to be earning approximately GH¢ 10,000.00 a month.


Blogging has become one of the fastest-growing self-employment business opportunities in the country. This is where an individual or entity haunts for information to feed their blogs with news for the public to access. Unlike other online businesses, blogging is regarded as the most profitable job currently.

Bloggers are said to be earning about GH¢2,500.00 to GH¢5,000.00 as a monthly income depending on the number of years one is in the world of blogs. Salaries from the onset might discourage you but following the principles and abiding by Google rules and regulations in addition to a smart way of blogging is a plus to a high salary.

Blogging pays well when done well. Top names in Ghana are noted for earning huge monthly from only ads at a big dollar salary without adding their pay.

Find below evidence of people in Ghana that have made it great in blogging

Some Top Richest Bloggers In Ghana

  1. Akesse Moise Sanza. Access is the first on the list. He is a Travel and Tour Consultant. He is a blogger who is concerned with anti-human trafficking and safe migration. Access is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Jetsanza.com.
  2. Wode Maya. Wode Maya is a young Ghanaian vlogger who has the ambition to change the negative African narratives by projecting all African countries to the world.
  3. Felix Adomako Mensah. He is popularly known as Zion Felix. He is the owner of the Zionfelix TV YouTube channel which provides exclusively celebrity interviews, current happenings, and other stuff. He’s also one of the richest bloggers in the country.
  4. Ameyaw Debrah.

He named his blog after himself. His full name is Ameyaw Kissi Debrah and he is the owner of AmeyawTV. He is a Ghanaian-based blogger, reporter, and freelance journalist. He is also the founder and owner of AmeyawDebrah.com, which is an entertainment website and blog that publishes news items about Ghanaian celebrities.

  1. Toni Kusi. He is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of GhPage.com

The page publishes the latest news & entertainment, business & politics, sports, lifestyle, and gossip locally and internationally. He’s one of the most influential bloggers in the country.

  1. Israel Boafo Bansah.

He is a university graduate who holds a degree in political sciences. He also has certificates in Human Resource Management and Information Technology. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Gossip 24 & BBconsults.

  1. Nana Kofi Acquah. He is a journalist, blogger, poet, and human rights activist, championing women’s rights both locally and internationally. He is the owner of nanakofiacquah.com.
  2. Ato Kwamina Dadzie. He’s the founder of the Atokd blog, which focuses on the economic well-being of countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and others. He is one of the richest bloggers in Ghana.
  3. Elorm Beenie. He covers content in the area of hosting programs and assisting artists both at home and abroad. Elorm Beenie worked once as a host on the radio. He works with names like Morgan Heritage from Jamaica, Stonebwoy, and Kabaka Pyramid from Jamaica, including the majority of Reggae and Dance, hall acts across the globe. He is the mastermind behind the blow of Chief__One, a Ghanaian rising musician. Elorm is the right owner of beeniewords.com. His area of work spins in the music and entertainment industry mostly.
  4. David Ajao. David Ajao is a blogger who focuses on technology and reviews technological inventions such as mobile phones, laptops, apps, and vehicles. It is well known that he challenges his followers and readers to engage in online job opportunities.

Medical Doctors

Medical doctors earn huge amounts of salaries, especially in Ghana. Taking into consideration the period of training which is said to be from seven (7) years, they need to be paid handsomely. Doctors who spent more than three (3) years on service are paid approximately GH¢5,000.00 monthly.

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