Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In Capital Goods

Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In Capital Goods

Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In Capital Goods

In general terms, what is meant as capital goods are those goods that are used in the production of other goods and services rather than being sold to customers.

Such goods include raw materials or/ unprocessed goods. Also, they include equipment, machinery, and other fixed assets in the area of capital goods.

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Goods used by industries to produce other goods are termed capital goods simply. Also, they can be explained as the goods they convert into the finish or/ consumer products.

What are the examples of capital goods?


  1. Chemicals: natural gases and minerals.
  2. Components of bikes, vehicles, cars, tricycles, and others.
  3. Textiles such as wool, cotton, nylon, and polyester among others.

The following are considered the best top 10 paying jobs in capital goods

  1. Research and Development Manager.
  2. Industrial Designer.
  3. Sales Manager.
  4. Manufacturing Engineer.
  5. Engineering Manager.
  6. Business Development Manager.
  7. A Warehouse Manager
  8. A Computer-Aided Design Technician.
  9. Mechanical Engineer.
  10. Manufacturing Director

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