Nursing Trainees Allowance Payment Date & Schedule

Nursing Trainees Allowance Payment Date & Schedule

Nursing Trainees Allowance Payment Date & Schedule

The Nursing Training “allawa” or allowance is upkeeping money disbursed to nursing trainees.

The institution that pays an allowance for Nursing Training Schools differs from the Teacher Trainees. The Ministry of Health (MOH) disburses the allowances of Nursing trainees across all the public Nursing Schools.

Who qualifies to receive a nursing trainees allowance?

i. a person who had admission into a public Nursing Training School.

NB: (i) supersedes the subsequent ones. It’s the first qualification. No admission, No allowance.

ii. register for an E-zwich card from the bank they like.

iii. get their Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) card/ have an SSNIT reference number from their office.

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Nursing Trainees Allowance Payment Date & Schedule

Is allowance paid during vacation?

The schedule covers only the months spent in school strictly. It, therefore, means that the Ministry of Health pays Nursing Trainees for four(4) months.

How much is the Nursing trainee allowance every month?

In Nursing School, every trainee receives Gh¢399 monthly. MOH deducts all taxes before disbursing the remaining Gh¢399 as the tax-free amount.

Do they pay nursing trainees every month?

On the ground, they pay them an accumulated amount of Gh¢1,200 mostly.

Nursing allowance payment through a bank?

They are paid through their E-zwich cards directly from the Ministry of Health (MOH)

Why delay payment of nursing training allawa?

It will be paid soon. Be expecting the alert soon.

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