Salaries of Airport workers in Ghana 2022

By | August 28, 2022
Salaries of Airport workers in Ghana 2022

Salaries of Airport workers in Ghana 2022

Ghana Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense Jobs pay huge in Ghana. Interested and willing persons can join them.

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What is the salary of airport workers in Ghana in 2022?

In the area of Travel attendants and Travel stewards, their monthly salary is around / between GH¢416.00 and GH¢2,053.00. Here, new workers are paid less. As time goes on with experience and related proficiency, they enjoy high salaries. Their start pay is between GH¢416.00 and GH¢1,163.00 for a month.


  1. Aeronautical Engineer GH¢5,390.00.00
  2. Aerospace Engineer GH¢6,420.00
  3. Aerospace Technician GH¢4,770.00
  4. Air Crew Officer GH¢3,220.00
  5. Air Traffic Assistant GH¢2,970.00
  6. Aircraft Engineer GH¢4,940.00
  7. Aircraft Fueler GH¢2,220.00
  8. Aircraft Maintenance Manager GH¢7,590.00
  9. Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor GH¢5,400.00
  10. Aircraft Maintenance Technician GH¢2,400.00
  11. Aircraft Mechanic GH¢2,620.00
  12. Aircraft Quality Assurance GH¢6,710.00
  13. Airfield Management Specialist GH¢7,860.00
  14. Airfield Operations Specialist GH¢5,810.00
  15. Airline Cabin Crew GH¢4,740.00
  16. Airline Copilot GH¢5,530.00
  17. Airlines Sales Manager GH¢8,830.00
  18. Airlines Structural Assembler GH¢2,280.00
  19. Airport Services Agent GH¢3,160.00
  20. Airport Services Manager GH¢9,880.00
  21. Assistant Aircraft Mechanic GH¢2,210.00
  22. Aviation Analyst GH¢6,510.00
  23. Aviation Inspector GH¢5,750.00
  24. Aviation Manager GH¢9,950.00
  25. Aviation Operations Controller GH¢5,540.00
  26. Aviation Resources Manager GH¢8,680.00
  27. Aviation Safety Manager GH¢9,480.00
  28. Aviation Safety Officer GH¢5,010.00
  29. Aviation Technician GH¢2,230.00
  30. Cargo Executive GH¢4,440.00
  31. Chief Pilot GH¢8,930.00
  32. First Officer GH¢3,520.00
  33. Fleet Management Officer GH¢3,550.00
  34. Air Traffic Controller GH¢5,420.00
  35. Aircraft Captain GH¢7,940.00
  36. Aircraft Electrician GH¢2,700.00
  37. Flight Attendant GH¢3,360.00
  38. Flight Scheduler GH¢4,020.00
  39. Flight Simulation Engineer GH¢4,690.00
  40. Freight and Cargo Inspector GH¢3,600.00
  41. Helicopter Pilot GH¢5,280.00
  42. Loading Bridge Operator GH¢2,140.00
  43. Pilot GH¢8,490.00
  44. Ramp Agent GH¢2,140.00
  45. Reservations Sales Agent GH¢2,660.00
  46. Safety and Quality Specialist GH¢5,060.00
  47. Test Pilot GH¢6,110.00

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