Salaries Of SSNIT Workers in Ghana 2022

Salaries Of SSNIT Workers in Ghana 2022

Salaries Of SSNIT Workers in Ghana 2022

Here are the salaries of SSNIT workers in Ghana, functions, how to work at SSNIT, how to check your SSNIT contribution online, and who qualifies to work at SSNIT.


SSNIT is an abbreviation that stands for Social Security and National Insurance Trust.

SSNIT is a public Trust established by the act of Parliament and charged under the National Pensions Act, 2008 Act 766 with the sole responsibility of administration of Ghana’s Basic National Social Security Scheme. The Trust is mandated to cater to the First Tier of the Three-Tier Pension Scheme. It is currently the largest non-bank financial institution in Ghana.

Functions Of SSNIT

Here are the functions of Social Security and National Insurance Trust

  • Registration of employers and employees
  • Collection of contributions
  • Management of records on members
  • investment of the funds of the Scheme
  • Processing and paying appropriate benefits to eligible members and nominated dependants.

What are the salaries of SSNIT Workers in Ghana?

A person working as SSNIT Worker in Ghana earns an estimated monthly salary of 3000 GHS per month.

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NB; This includes the following allowances; housing, transport, and other benefits. SSNIT workers’ salaries also vary based on experience, skills, gender, or location.

Who qualifies to benefit from SSNIT?

For individuals to benefit from full pension benefit from SSNIT, they must be at least 60 years . You must contribute a minimum contribution of 180 months (15 years) under the person act of 766 and 240 months (20 years) under PNDCL 247.

Documents Needed To Benefit From SSNIT

The following documents must be presented by the individual who is due for retirement;

  • Letter from the employer where available
  • Affidavit from Chief of the Village or Town.
  • Police Report

How To Worker At SSNIT

Applicants interested in working at SSNIT must be Ghanaian by birth and possess a minimum of first degree with first and second class upper.
SSNIT recruitment forms can be downloaded from their website.

How to check your SSNIT Contribution Online

Here is a comprehensive guide on how you can check your SSNIT contribution online

Request for a portal identification number from SSNIT

Login to the SSNIT official website via the link (

Kindly Set up your security credentials.

Finally, check your contributions and benefit.

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