Salaries of Ministers in Ghana 2022

Salaries of Ministers in Ghana 2022

Salaries of Ministers in Ghana 2022

Are you wondering what it means by saying Ghanaian Ministers receive fat salaries?

Read here for detailed information on what Ministers in Ghana earn monthly.

We have compiled a complete list of all types of ministers in Ghana with their corresponding monthly salaries.

In Ghana, a minister is a politically appointed officer who heads an institution known as a ministry. When we talk about a ministry as an institution, we are looking at an executive board or office that manages government administration in a specific sector.

What are the functions of a minister?

Ministers play figurehead roles and functions in the administration of a country. Some of these functions are as follows;

• Ministers coordinate and monitor the effectiveness of their sector.

• They also establish a framework for assessment and ratification of national and international protocols and treaties that are found to be relevant to their sector.

• Ministers provide help and support to the sector’s operations through the formulation and implementation of strategic policies.

• They create and maintain networks and collaborations with both local and international stakeholders and the Ministerial Departments and Agencies to support and enhance the performance of the sector.

• Ministers undertake developmental projects like building infrastructures to enhance the performance of their sector.

How are ministers are appointed in Ghana?

The ministers and their deputies are appointed by the president of the Republic of Ghana. The 1992 constitution of Ghana has backed the president to appoint persons who are sound-minded and are citizens with the required age and qualification to become ministers.

What type of ministers does Ghana have?

Ghana has different types of ministers. There are different types of ministers. In Ghana, there are three (3) main categories of ministers. They are sector ministers, regional ministers, and ministers of state. An example of a sector minister is the minister of youth and sports while that of a regional is Volta regional minister.

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Also, an example of a minister of state is the minister of state at the office of the president.

How much do ministers earn in Ghana?

Ministers in Ghana earn GH¢ in thousands monthly. Considering the nature of the work and the demand from the public, the government pays ministers handsomely for the services they render to the country.

Here is a full list of all Ministers in Ghana and their salaries:

1) The Cabinet Minister (MP) earns – GH¢16,423

2) The Cabinet Minster (Non-MP) earns – GH¢ 16,195

3) The Minister of State (MP) earns – GH¢ 15,967

4) The Minister of State (Non-MP) earns – GH¢ 15,739

5) Regional Ministers (MP) earn – GH¢ 15,967

6) Regional Ministers (Non-MP) earn – GH¢15,511

7) Deputy Ministers (MP) earn – GH¢ 14,826

8) Deputy Regional Ministers (MP) earn – GH¢14,598

9) Deputy Ministers (Non-MP) earn – GH¢ 14,369

10) Deputy Regional Minsters (Non-MP) earn – GH¢ 14,142

11) Chairperson of the Council of State earns – GH¢ 14,826

12) Member of the Council of State earns – GH¢ 13,685

Even though ministers are been paid fat salaries, they also enjoy various incentives such as two free cars, free fuel, security personnel, servicemen, and others.

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