What To Do With Pet Ashes



Can you imagine the feeling of losing a loved one? Have been in a state of grief due to the passing away of a beloved family member or relative?
Trust me, the feeling is very similar when you lose a pet. These pets become part and parcel of our lives, they might be the first to greet you early in the morning, and some will desire to go everywhere with you.

Sometimes in those lonely moments when you feel bored, a pet can tangle around you to reduce your boredom. So losing it is a sad experience, but just as we bury our loved ones and perform some signs and designated rites to remember them, the same can be done with our pets as well.

This brings the idea of using “pet ashes” to do lots of things in that regard.

what are pet ashes?

Now, pet ashes are the resultant substances that appear after a process called “cremation” has been undertaken. They don’t appear like normal ashes, but look somehow grey-white and have the texture of sand. It is mostly called “cremains” formed from the phrase, “cremation remains”. These substances can be kept for a long and used as tools for keeping the memory of the pet.

how is cremation done?

Cremation is a process that uses intense heat to turn the remains of a person who has died into ashes. The cremation process takes place in a specially-designed cremation chamber that holds one deceased person and exposes them to intense heat for around two hours.
This same process is carried out on deceased pets, it’s a western culture, popularly present in the United Kingdom.
When the cremation process has finished, small amounts of bone will remain, these are taken from the cremator, cooled, and placed in a machine that reduces the bone to ashes. These are the ashes that are put into a container. The family may choose to collect the remains of their loved one, just like someone choosing to take that of their pet.

why is cremation done?

Cremation is done to avoid over usage of lands for burials, it is also seen to be cheaper than organizing a burial. People cremate their pets to also avoid burial stress, since it’s considered a member of the family, and throwing the remains away is not a healthy thing to do too. In all permission has to be authorized by the families as well as authorities of the town of the country in question and sometimes legal documents are prepared to back the cremation process.


You can do several things with your pet cremains to keep the memory of your beloved pet. Let’s look at some of them.

  • Bury the ashes:

Perhaps the simplest way to memorialize your pet and lay their ashes to rest is with a garden burial.

You could bury their ashes in this special space, especially where they always enjoyed staying so that you can think of them there in happier times.

  • Grow a memorial tree:

While we’re on the subject of planting something where your pet’s ashes are buried, you might choose to grow a memorial tree. You see this tree and remember your pet always.

  • Perform a water burial:

You may decide to give your pet’s ashes a water burial, since it has zero legal restrictions, thus spreading ashes over a body of water.
The best advice is to choose somewhere quiet to do this, as far away from people, buildings, and fish as possible, and on a day when the wind is low, especially if you plan to scatter the ashes.

  • Have them incorporated into a piece of jewelry:

Some of your pet ashes can be incorporated into jewelry, the fur or feathers can serve this purpose well. Rings, necklaces, and others can be done this way to be kept in memory of the pet.

  • Include them in a piece of decorative glass:

You can also include them in a decorative glass. This could be a stained-glass design such as a window or a rainbow sculpture, a heart, glass pebbles, paperweights, sculptures, or candle holders.

  • Cast them in a statue:

Another creative use of pet ashes is where they are mixed with concrete and cast into a sculpture, pebble, or heart shape, for example.

  • Use them for paints:

The ashes can be added to inks and used to paint images in resemblance of the pet.

  • Launch them into space:

You can scatter the ashes into space, some companies do those things these days. Although it is expensive, people see it as heartwarming to look up and imagine your pet looking at you.

  • Get a memorial tattoo

Cremation or ritual tattoos are created by infusing a small number of your loved one’s ashes into tattoo ink. The ink is then used in the same fashion as it would be during a regular tattoo.

  • Keep them in decorative urns:

Beautiful boxes made of wood, glass, and plastics in which the ashes can be kept for a long time.

There are some other ways to go about pet cremains, but we hope you are good time with the top approaches up there, follow us for much more intriguing stuff!

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