Where Did Dee Yocum Went To College?

Where Did Dee Yocum Went To College?

Where Did Dee Yocum Went To College?

Bio: Dee Yocum Education, Nationality Career, Birthplace, Marriage, Wife, & Children

Dee Yocum Age & Death Date

Delores ‘Dee’ Yocum was her full name. She was born on 14th June 1928 outside Farwell in Howard County, Nebraska, and died on 19th July 2022 in Colorado.

Birthplace of Dee Yocum

Dee Yocum grew up on a farm that was situated in the northern part of Shelton.

Her common forbear was “Use it up, make it work, or do without”. With this ringing at all times during her upbringing, one could rely on her to alter likely almost any home or school project, a skill which was learned from her parents.

Dee Yocum College and Career

Delores Yocum attended St. Michael’s High School for two years before graduating from Shelton High School in the year 1945.

She attended Hastings College for a year before she moved on to work at a radio station, the Chamber of Commerce, and also the Kansas-Nebraska gas company, a place she goes to meet her first husband, Duane Weseman, who was an air force pilot from Nebraska. Both got married in the December of 1951 when Duane was killed during a training flight in Washington in the year 1952.

She applied for airline stewardess and was accepted. She flew for Capital Airlines based out of Washington D.C after graduation. She moved on to date Bill.

Dee Yocum marriage

They got married in Minneapolis in the year 1955. In 1960, they had four children Brad, Bruce, Rollan, and Susan. She later switched her career to sewing.

It was noted that she love arranging flowers. She was a member of a Japanese style of flower arranging, Ikebana International and she became an instructor.
Because of Bill’s assignments, Yocum was most time alone at home.

She was a friend of her kid’s friends as they listened to her whenever she talked and she used to share hugs with them.

Dee Yocum was a member of Ascension Lutheran Church and she use to teach Sunday School pupils.

Dee Yocum Family

Surviving members of her family are Marian Kerr, her sister, Brad Margaret Yocum, Rollan Dawn Yocum, and David Susan Yocum, who are all her children. Her daughter-in-law was Sharon Yocum and her brother-in-law was Helen McDonald Yocum. She had fourteen (14) grandchildren and seven (7) great-grandchildren with several nieces and nephews.

Burial / Obituary of Dee Yocum

Her memorial service took place on Saturday, 27th August 2022 at the Ascension Lutheran Church.

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