Salaries Of University Lecturers In Ghana, Check now

2022/2023 Salaries Of University Lecturers In Ghana, Check now

Salaries Of University Lecturers In Ghana, Check now

The topic under discussion here is: what is the salary of University lecturers, who a lecturer is, who qualifies to be a lecturer, what are the ranks of University lecturers including other vital issues about university lectures in Ghana?

A lot of people are wondering why graduates are willing to climb the academic ladder to reach lecturer status in academia. Based on that, we have gathered facts from the ground for all readers here.

Kindly take your time and follow the discussion we are above to delve into.

In every establishment, there are ranks that group workers based on their qualifications and work experience therefore there is a need to appreciate their works in terms of monetary strength and other forms of valid and legal motivation. Just like that Ghana Education Service (GES), also have ranks for its employees.

What are the ranks of university lecturers?

University lecturers have several ranks. University lecturers have about eight (8) ranks per their structure.

The list of ranks below in this article is arranged from the highest to the lowest rank among university lecturers. As it goes, the higher than rank the higher the pay therefore the junior ranks earn salaries lower than their seniors. Also, every rank’s salary differs from the other irrespective of Junior or Senior umbrella rank.

The ranks are as follows:


  1. Emeritus Professor (Retired)
  2. Professor
  3. Associate Professor / Reader
  4. Senior Lecturer
  5. Lecturer I
  6. Lecturer II
  7. Assistant Lecturer
  8. Graduate Assistant

How does the salary of university lecturers increases?

What increases university lecturers’ salaries?

The salary of university lecturers increases as they climb the academic ladder. In addition, the salary of lecturers is paid according to their qualifications and affiliated institution. It simply means that a lecturer with a Ph.D. will earn more than one with an MSc.

What is the main role of a lecturer?

The main role of a lecturer is as follows: They plan and deliver teaching on their specialized area of subject study to university students. Such teaching activities include creating teaching materials, preparing for tutorials/seminars, and marking students’ work, as well as direct teaching.

Check salaries of university Lecturers in Ghana

Lecturers in Ghana take a monthly pay of thousands of Ghana Cedis. In Ghana, a person working as a Lecturer is paid around GH¢6,860.00 per month.


Their salaries range from GH¢3,500.00 (lowest) – GH¢10,600.00 (highest). This salary is the average monthly salary which includes housing, transport, and other benefits lecturers are entitled to.

Which lecturers are in the lower rank?


Graduate Assistant, Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer II, and Lecturer I.

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All lecturers categorized in this rank take a monthly pay between GHC¢2,000.00 to GH¢3,000.00 per month.

What is the salary per annum of university lecturers?

Lecturers are paid yearly/per annum a salary between GH¢18,000.00 to GH¢42,000.00

How many years does a lecturer need to qualify to earn a higher salary?

She/he MUST spend ten (10) years in university, from Level 100 to Ph.D., and a senior lecturer earns between GH¢ 5,000.00 to GH¢6,000.00 per month. The annual income of lecturers at this rank is estimated to be GH¢60,000.00 to GH¢72,000.00

Which ranks are the higher in University lecturers ranks?


The ranks considered the highest ranks among university lecturers are as follows: Associate Professor, Professor, and Emeritus Professor (Retired). The above-listed ranks in Ghana earn the highest salaries. In estimation, the monthly salary of Professors is around GH¢8,000.00 to GH¢ 8,400.00. Annually, they earn between GH¢96,000.00 to GH¢10,000.00 as their income.

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