How Much Does A Building Permit Cost?

How Much Does A Building Permit Cost?

How Much Does A Building Permit Cost?

Before one can be allowed to put up any structure in this country, you have to obtain a building permit from the local government. This gives pa the approval to commence the said project mentioned in the permit.


What is the cost involved in obtaining a building permit in Ghana?

For every step involved in obtaining an o building permit, there are fees to be paid and it is important to note that these charges vary depending on the district, municipal, or metropolitan assembly in which the applicant recites.

How To Apply For A Building Permit In Ghana

The following statements contain the costs for acquiring a building permit;

• Building Permit Form

The cost of the building permit form is hundred Ghanaian Cedis, thus GHC 100.00. It can be obtained from the local government authority.

• Submission Of Form

The submission and processing of the building permit form with all the relevant information will cost the applicant fifty Ghanaian cedis and thus GHC 50.00.

• Inspection Of Site

Visiting the site of the applicant where the proposed project is to be undertaken will require the applicant to pay the sum of hundred Ghanaian Cedis, thus GHC 100.00.

Structures and Activities That Requires Building Permit

I. The erection of buildings.

II. Property hoarding.

III. Expansion of existing structures.
IV. Rezoning of existing structures.

V. Demolition of structures.

What Is A Building Permit?

A building permit is an authorized document issued by the local government to an individual, company or corporation to commerce either a new structure or an existing one that needs expansion. It is important to note that even demolishing a structure also requires othe owner to obtain a permit.

How Can One Apply For A Building Permit?

You can obtain a building permit by visiting the district, municipal o,r metropolitan assembly or by applying online. Currently, the application for a bua building permit is only available in Accra and Tema.

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