How To Apply For A Building Permit In Ghana

How To Apply For A Building Permit In Ghana

How To Apply For A Building Permit In Ghana

Before one can be allowed to put up any structure in this country, one must have obtained a building permit from the local government. This gives one the approval to commerce the said project mentioned in the permit.

To get it started, let us understand what a building permit is, the procedures involved, and how to get the permit.

What Is A Building Permit?

A building permit is an authorized document issued by the local government to an individual, company or corporation to commerce either a new structure or an existing one that needs expansion. It is important to note that even demolishing a structure also requires the owner to obtain a permit.

How Can One Apply For A Building Permit?

You can obtain a building permit by visiting the district, municipal, or metropolitan assembly or by applying online. It is worth knowing that the online application process, is only available for Accra and Tema.

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The following are the procedures you need to follow to acquire a building permit from the local government;

  1. Submission of application to the secretariat of the Statutory Planning Committee.
    All documents submitted will be subjected to a review after which you will be provided with a guide.
  2. Vetting.
    After the submission of the documents, one will be made to undergo a vetting process. The vetting is three folds by the type of structure to be built ;
    • Vetting by the Physical Planning Department.
    • Works Department vetting.
    • Vetting by relevant agencies.
  3. Collating Technical Findings.
    As soon as the vetting process is completed, the secretariat plans a site inspection and also collates technical findings.
  4. Site Inspection
    To ensure that all the information provided in the documents matches the actual project, a working engineer and a physical planner alongside the applicaengageges in site inspection.
  5. Technical Consideration Of The Application By The Technical Sub-Committee.
    Assessment and recommendations will be made to the Statutory Planning Committee after site inspection.
  6. Consideration Of Application.
    The Statutory Planning Committee will embark on an application evaluation and if they found out that all requirements are in place, the application will be approved.
  7. Processing of Statutory Planning Committee’s decision.
    At this point, the working engineer and the Statutory Planning Committee endorse the building certificate building after all fees have been duly paid.
  8. Development Permit Issuance.
    The applicant obtains a building permit if the application is approved. If it turned out to be rejected, you will be provided with reasons for the rejection.
  9. Appealing And Resubmission Of Application.
    In case of rejection, you can still submit your appeal to the Regional Coordinating Council

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