How To Start A Pure Water Production Business in Ghana, Full Guide

Start Pure A Water Production Business in Ghana

How To Start A Pure Water Production Business in Ghana, Full Guide

Here is a detailed guide on how to start a pure water business in Ghana, the equipment needed for a pure water business, the cost of starting a pure water business, the cost of a pure water machine, the cost of setting up a pure water factory, pure water business plan pdf, an example of pure water business plan, etc

About How To Start A Pure Water Production Business in Ghana

The sachet water production industry has become very competitive in recent years. This is because of the growing demand for safe drinking water in developing in Ghana. In addition, the price of water has increased significantly due to increasing demand.

Sachets are a convenient way to carry water around. They come in various sizes and shapes depending on their intended purpose. Sachets are usually sold in bulk at supermarkets or convenience stores.

The pure Water production business is one of the best lucrative businesses that one can start with little capital.

In this article, you will see a detailed guide on how to begin a profitable pure water production business in Ghana

How much does it cost to start a pure water business in Ghana?

The cost of starting a pure water business is estimated to be around $3,300 or £2,000 which will cover the purchase of the pure water machine, buying a water pump, payment of all registration, licensing, and an initial set of carbon and sand filters.

Is pure water business profitable?

Sachet water production is profitable if it is well managed by the entrepreneur.
Every business is profitable provided all good management practices are employed to increase production and minimize risks.

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How much is a bag of Pure Water In Ghana?

The Bag of sachet water is currently sold at GH¢6.00 maximum from the retail trucks.
However, mini shops will sell a bag of pure water at GH¢8.00

Equipment needed for pure water business in Ghana

Here is the full list of equipment needed for the pure water business in Ghana

  • Aeration faucets
  • Surface Pumping Machine
  • PVC Pipes and plumbing fittings
  • Submersible water pumping machine

Cost Of Pure Water Production Machine In Ghana

The price of a pure water machine in Ghana is dependent on what you might need, that is a sachet or bottle filling packing machine, water purification machine, and package design machine.
The price of a pure water production machine in Ghana ranges from GH¢9,900-GH13,500

List Of Sachet water production companies

Here is the full list of sachet water production companies in Ghana

List Of Top Pure Water Companies In Ghana

How To Start A Pure Water Production Business in Ghana

Here is a detailed guide on starting a pure sachet water business in Ghana

Location for your Business

The most important step in starting a pure water business is getting a location. Proper permits must be taken from relevant stakeholders to prevent future disputes.

Registration of your Business Name

It is a legal requirement for all businesses in Ghana to be registered at Registrar General’s Office in Ghana.

Get your business registered and obtain the Certificate of Incorporation and a Certificate to Commence Business.

Water storage or Drilling Borehole water

To ensure the effective and efficient running of the water production business, you should get a constant source of water.
source of water supply in most localities is a borehole. So, drill a borehole within your premises for constant water supply to your pure water production factory.

Install Distillation System

Sachet water must be free of impurities for safe consumption.

To ensure that sachet water is clean, a water distillation system could be. However, if you can afford the comprehensive distillation system, then go for it. Otherwise, use the purification process known as the Ulta Violet Sterilization bulbs process. After distillation, you need to take your product.

Get an Automatic Sealing Machine

An automatic sealing machine is a device that is used to seal with or produce about 40 sachets per minute.

Get Constant Power Supply System

Apart from the ECG power supply, it is necessary for water business factories to get their alternative source of power supply. It is better to go for standby power generating a set of 25KVA

Recruitment Of Workers

Pure water production is labor intensive because it involves a lot of activities ranging from the production unit, packing unit, and marketing unit.

Employing a minimum of five people to work in the factory is recommended

Water Distribution Mechanism

Marketing your product is another important aspect of every business.

We recommend buying or renting trucks for your distribution.

This article has provided a general overview of what it takes to start a business in Ghana, specifically in the Water Purification business. You can get started by creating a business plan, choosing a location, and securing business financing. Do you have any questions or would you like to share your experience in starting a business in Ghana? We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us.

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