How To Register For a Business Certificate In Ghana

By | December 5, 2022
How To Register For a Business Certificate In Ghana

How To Register For a Business Certificate In Ghana

Why should I venture into a business in Ghana?

Frankly, business pays a lot in a short time. Venturing into the business world pays great when you survey and target what the people need most (a few basic factors).

To succeed in a business, survey your locality first, consider the needs, and how to get them produced or transported from another point among others.

How can I register for the business certificate in Ghana?

Registering for the business certificate is very easy. Kindly read the complete Guide on how to register for bthe business certificate in Ghana here for ease and less stress during the process.

Where do I register my business in Ghana?

You are required to purchase registration forms from the Registrar General’s Departments (RGD) or/ download the forms at the website >>>

What is the cost of a business certificate in Ghana?

Business certificates are sold at GH¢175.00 as the official and approved cost in Ghana.

How to register for business certificate in Ghana. Complete Guide on how to register for bthe business certificate in Ghana.

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Registering of businesses in can varies slightly depending on the types of business entities in question hence, a slight variation in processing it which might not follow the outline below.

How can I register a business in Ghana?


Below are the steps for registering a business. You:

  1. MUST decide on a name that fits your business.
  2. Should obtain Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) from the lawful agency for all participants.

Who are the participants in business registration?

Participants in business registration are Member(s) / Shareholder(s) the Secretary of the establishment /or company Director Auditor Council Members Process Agents, Local Managers, and Partners (Sole proprietors) of any entity that wishes to register a business.

How long does it take to register a business?

Within a period of 24 hours to 72 hours, your business registration will be complete.

Who gives Tax Identification Numbers (TIN)?

Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) gives TIN at no cost. It is a free service.

What documents are needed for a business certificate application?

  1. Obtain Tax Identification Numbers for all participants
    In Ghana, all participants (Member(s)/Shareholder(s), Company Secretary, Director, Auditor, Council Members, Process Agents, Local Managers, Partners, Sole Proprietors) of any business entity are first required to obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN) by registering with the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA). It typically takes 1-3 days to complete. It is free to obtain.

You MUST submit one of the following forms of identification in addition to your application form at the office:

a. Bio-data page of passport

b. National Identity card

c. Drivers Licence

d. Voters Identification Card
(One may also apply to the registrar of the RGD for permission to use another form of identification)

  1. Complete RGD documents before submission. Here, you will be required to fill in details of participants, details of your company, and all regulations governing the company including names of shareholders.
  2. MUST pay the filing fees including capital duty (GH¢500.00).
  3. Finally, file at the RGD. Upon all expected payments, the documents will be subjected to scrutiny and verified within a few weeks. You will receive an original certificate of incorporation, and get a business permit too as well before you commence operation fully.

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