New utility tariffs For Ghanaians 2022

New utility tariffs For Ghanaians 2022

New utility tariffs For Ghanaians 2022

The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) disclosed that new utility tariffs will be announced in due time.

The commission’s announcement was based on the nationwide consultations on proposals they received from the utility companies.

It is believed that their consultation involved identifiable groups and key/ relevant sections of the public before disclosing the tariffs matters.

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Sources reporting in line with the new tariffs has it that enterprises such as the micro, small and medium enterprises, in abbreviation as (MSMEs). Such areas are the food joints and salons.

According to PURC, the MSMEs would be protected from paying what they termed as “punitive” tariffs as a way to push their businesses.

The proposals used as a Guide were in line with policy directions to progressively eliminate what they ter as punitive tariff bands whhave have the potential of discouraging consumption at all levels.

Further, they have it that, they will include all industries that have been made to pay residential cushion consumers at a high cost because they believe that such an act adds to the cost of doing business which in the other run makes operations in the industrial sector very costive to handle squarely.

For PURC and the utilities to commit to the quarterly “automatic” adjustment system, support industrial development and improve utility efficiency, there would be a multi-year tariff adjustment, which will come with different rates of increment o5 yearsriod to help them out successfully.


Trusted and inner source info reached our dith indicating that the regulator considered external and internal economic conditions. Also, they added the need to keep the utilities in operation, do routine maintenance activities, developing of financial aid, etc.

For validity sake and other check measures, PURC subjected all the costs proposed by the utilities to strict assessment and validation, including visiting some of the investments on the ground in other to the concrete evidence of what they stated in their proposals.

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