Salaries Of Diploma Teachers In Ghana 2022

Salaries Of Diploma Teachers In Ghana 2022

Salaries Of Diploma Teachers In Ghana 2022

Are you a student of one of the public Universities, offering an education program, or colleges of education in Ghana and you are wondering about the stipulated remuneration you will be entitled to when you finally graduate? Or you are now planning to gain entry into any of the above institutions to offer any of the degree programs in education, and you want to know what awaits you after you might have successfully gone through?
Then we are happy to avail this information to you.
First of all, a teacher is trained personnel who helps learners or students acquire skills, knowl, edge, and understanding.

Requirements of Teachers in Ghana

To be a qualified government-certified field teacher in Ghana, you must:

  1. Be a holder of a Diploma in Basic Education or a holder of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
  2. Be able to pass the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination.
  3. Fully go through a one-year year mandatory National Service Scheme after graduation. What is the salary of Diploma Teachers In Ghana?

The monthly salary of a diploma teacher under the SS I rank is GHS1,766.441 as gross. A gross salary of GHS21,197.30 is paid annually by the government. Note that the salary of a diploma teacher in Ghana is grade-based.

Teachers with degree certificates in Ghana currently earn an average of GHS2000 per month.
That ranges from GHS1800 (lowest) to GHS2500 (highest).
Note that the difference depends on the number of years in the teaching profession or the qualifications of the teacher excluding allowances.

How much do SHS Teachers earn?

The salary of teachers in senior high schools ranges from GHS808.68 to GHS3,957.86 per month.
Other salary include:

  1. Ghana National Service teacher’s salary;( GHS559.00

The highest level of education a teacher can attain in Ghana is doctored, this can either be a Doctor of Education (EdD) degree, a or Doctor of philosophy (ph.D)

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