Salaries of Professors In Ghana, Check Now

Salaries of Professors In Ghana

Salaries of Professors In Ghana

The salary of lecturers in Ghana is affected by several factors. Some of them start from qualifications to affiliated institutions. However, we’ve provided a short insight as to what lecturers gain on average in Ghana. The real pay might not be constant due to other factors, but it certainly won’t be more than the range given on this page.

The work of a lecturer is a complex one, not only in Ghana. Whether a junior, Senior lecturer or even a professor, they oath to have a decent take-home pay minding their impact on the economy.

University Lecturers Salary in Ghana

That being said, we’ll be looking at the incomes of lecturers in Ghana. There is a big difference between the salaries of lecturers as a result of their ranks as mentioned above.

As you gain promotion upwards in your academic career, your salary increases. Lecturers are as well paid based on their qualifications and affiliated institution. That is to say, a Ph.D.holder will earn more than someone with an MSc.

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As well, the salaries of lecturers in private universities differ from that of public universities. On this point, let’s have a look at the average salary of lecturers in various universities in Ghana.

Professors Salary In Ghana

The salary of a professor is the highest among all the lecturers of universities in Ghana. Their salary is between GHC 94,000 to GHC 98,000 on yearly basis.

Lecturing Hierarchy In Universities Of Ghana

Just like all other professions, the academic sector is not an exception and so it had its hierarchy and rank. Just as their rank is different so is the difference in their salaries too.

Below is the ranking of university lecturers;

  1. Emeritus Professor
  2. Professor
  3. Associate Professor
  4. Senior Lecturer
  5. Lecturer I
  6. Lecturer II
  7. Assistant Lecturer
  8. Graduate Assistant

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