Teacher Unions declared strike over appointment of New DG

Teacher Unions declared strike over appointment of New DG

Teacher Unions declared strike over appointment of New DG

The Teacher Unions in Ghana namely GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCT-Gh has declared a strike on the basis of appointing a Banker as the new Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES).

At a press conference attended by the three (3) Teacher Unions : GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCT-Gh they said
“we have been compelled under the current circumstances to publicly communicate to Ghanaians on our intention to go on strike having reached the November 4 deadline we gave government.”

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“Consequently, we have decided to embark on strike from today, Friday, November 4, 2022. By this, we are informing the general public that we are withdrawing our services in all the pre-tertiary education institutions.”

In a release from the press conference on Friday, the 4th day of November, 2022, it has it that appointment of a Banker instead of a Educationalist as Director General of Ghana Education Service (GES) is a manifestation of lack of confidence in Teachers to manage their own affairs and disregard to established Scheme of Service and progression within the Ghana Education Service.

Furthermore, the Teacher Unions stated that “both the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service, should apologise to teachers for accepting the very qualification they rejected when teachers presented them.”

It must be stated that the Director General position is the preserve of Educationists and has been occupied by Educationists since its creation in 1974 to date.

History of the Director-General office of Ghana Education Service (GES) has it that 17 Director Generals have been counted to have occupied the position of a Director-General to serve at the GES. From the mentioned 17 number of past Director-General of Ghana Education Service (GES) stated in the release, five (5) were and known as Professors from the Academia. They were widely known to have worked and contributed immensely to the education sector of Ghana.

The remaining numbers were all higher officers of the GES. Even during the the military regimes, the said Educationalists were the Director-General of Ghana Education Service.

The virtues of GES, policies and standards must be held in high esteem and be devoid of politics.

The above inferences formed the basis for terminating the appointment of the Banker as a Director General of Ghana Education Service (GES)
and the declaration of strike action for the pre-tertiary education institutions in the country.

Summary of the conference’s outcome indicates that the Teacher Unions did not only register their protest, they, deemed it uncalled for to appoint a Banker I to the position of a Director-General of GES at the expense of Educationist at a time when many teachers who did the same courses and related ones were rejected by GES because it is not related to education. The qualification of a Banker do not warrant the position he was appointed to manage and bring a better outcome to the chalk and talk fraternity.

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