20 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs In Ghana, Check now

20 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs In Ghana in Details, Check now

20 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs In Ghana,Check now

What does engineering entail? What other fractions are in engineering? What tasks do engineers undertake?

In this article, you will read a comprehensive list of 20 of the highest-paying engineering jobs in Ghana.

Engineering is a broad category of job which refers to careers that use Science and Mathematics to solve different types of problems. Engineers work in disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, environmental, and many others.

Engineers, as practitioners of engineering, are professionals who invent, design, analyze, build and test systems and machines, structures, gadgets, and materials to achieve functional aims and requirements while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, regulation, safety, and cost.

List Of Top Twenty (20) Engineering Jobs In Ghana

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineers do similar work as civil engineers. With their expertise in Science and Mathematics, they deal with aircraft.

Computer Hardware Engineering

It is considered one of the best engineering jobs for tech-oriented experts. They design, develop, test, and refine computer components and their accessories.

Computer Engineering

A computer engineer is an expert in developing a company’s computer hardware and software structure. It’s a very skilled profession.

Systems Engineering

Systems engineers take charge of the technical infrastructure of a company, maintaining all of the hardware and software required to keep the devices active and working.

Electronics engineer

An electrical engineer fuses math and electronic frameworks to design new equipment and systems which gives electrical power to the general public.


They put together and analyze geographical data to produce maps. They utilize remote sensing systems from the office and out in the field.

Materials Engineers

The duties of material engineers include developing, designing, processing, and testing materials to create new products.

Field Engineering

A Field Engineer is responsible for managing technical functions and work schedules. They ensure client compliance with engineering projects and also test equipment for efficiency.

Project Engineering

Project engineers are responsible for all aspects of a sector, including planning, budgeting, and personnel. They spend time at project sites, to ensure work is being done effectively and efficiently.

Production Engineering

It is a subset of mechanical engineering which combines management Science and Manufacturing Technology. This field offers a wide spectrum with diverse specialization options due to the industry being interdisciplinary.

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Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers work in different kinds of industries, developing electrical and electronic gadgets and components such as electric motors, radar, and ot electrical equipment.

Aerospace Engineering

Their primary duty is to work on the physical components of aircraft, spacecraft, and satellites. They develop systems to improve the safety of aircraft they are among the highest-paying engineers in Ghana.

Petroleum Engineering

A petroleum engineer strategizes with other engineers in the field on ways to extract oil and natural gas. Their annual salary is reportedly GHC 194,000.

Mechanical Engineering

Their area of expertise is the structural analysis, material sciences, electricity, and dynamics and thermodynamics fields.
They are mainly responsible for developing, testing, and researching various devices.

Chemical Engineering

It uses science to produce compounds that are used every day in fuel, food, and other stuff. They enjoy high salaries and those at the top of this profession can expect more than GHC 186,000 annually.

Civil Engineering

One of the biggest engineering fields is civil engineering which allows you to design, build, and supervise infrastructure projects.
Monthly pay is expected to be GHC 170,000.

Biomedical Engineering

Work is done in a medical or clinical context. It makes use of the principles of engineering to advance medical science.

Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear engineers research, design, and develop tools and instruments needed to make use of nuclear energy.

Environmental Engineering

An environmental engineer develops ways to enhance recycling processes, alongside containing water and air pollution issues in the environment.

Engineering Manager

Engineering managers work in a strenuous and complex environment. They are charged to create detailed plans which would result in finished products.

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