Ghana Police Service Salary 2022/2023-Education Ghana

Ghana Police Service Salary 2022/2023

Ghana Police Service Salary 2022/2023-Education Ghana

Ghana Police Service Salary 2022/2023.Graduates from the University are paid salaries ranging from Gh¢1,320 the lowest to the highest of Gh¢4,450.

The mandate of the Ghana Police Service is to ensure peace and unity in the country. The works of the Police commenced way back during colonization.

In that era, the service was referred to as Gold Coast Police Service. Their activities went on smoothly despite the challenges faced by every institution.

Right after Independence on 6th March 1957, the name changed from Gold Coast Police Service to Ghana Police Service till date.

The Police Service, they have 12 divisions that handle at Police related duties across the territory of Ghana.

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The Ghana Police Service controls the activities of Seaports and Industrial places in the country like Tema in the Greater Accra region through the special police division called MARINE POLICE UNIT (MPU)

What are units in police service?

They are… of units in the police under the auspices of the Regional Commander.

  1. Motor Transport and Traffic Unit (MTTU)
  2. National Protection Unit (NPU)
  3. Rapid Deployment Force (RDF)
  4. Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU)
  5. Courts and Prosecution.
  6. Public Affairs Directorate (PAD)
  7. Highway Patrol Unit (HPU)
  8. Formed Police Unit (FPU)
  9. Counter-Terrorism Unit (C.T.U)
  10. Ghana Crime Unit.
  11. Serious Fraud Unit (STU)
  12. Research, Planning, and ICT Offices.
  13. Crime Offices.
  14. Arms and Ammunition.
  15. Finance Offices.
  16. Audit Offices.

There are two (2) cadres in the rank of Ghana Police Service called Junior and Senior Officers.

The Junior Officers rank contains


-Lance Corporal




-Chief Inspector

The Senior Officers ranks have several officers including the Inspector General of Police (IGP). The IGP’s office is attained through the appointment of the President of Ghana.

The Senior Officer’s ranks are arranged in descending order (lowest to highest)

Cadet Officer (CO)

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP)

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP)

Superintendent of Police (Supt)

Chief superintendent of Police (C/Supt)

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP)

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP)

Commissioner of Police (COP)

Deputy inspector general of Police (D/IGP)

Inspector-General of Police (IGP)

NB: The Cadet Officers (COs) are the Officers who are police officers in the Officer Corps training at the Police Academy working towards gaining a full rank of a senior officer.

Ghana Police Service Salary 2022/2023

below is the details on the salaries of Ghana Police Service personnel

The WASSCE holders who are newly recruited into the Police Service earn Gh¢700 under the new structured salary frame called Single Spine Structure (SSS). They also enjoy some bonuses attached to it.

Graduates from the University are paid salaries ranging from Gh¢1,320 the lowest to the highest of Gh¢4,450

Salary and Experience of Police Officers

Salaries are paid according to the number of years and experience in the service.

Gh1,490 monthly for two (2) years experience and an estimated amount of Gh¢1,990 monthly for 2-5 years experience.

What are police service benefits?

They enjoy free health care with their families in a state-owned hospital amounting to Gh¢12,500

Are the police quarters free?

The quarters are part of the accommodation-free benefits.
How long is the police leave?

The police enjoy a casual & annual leave for 28 working days collectively.

Do police families take death pay?

The family is paid a sum of Gh¢25,000 if police pass away on active duty. Either naturally /accidentally

Police loans?

They take loans from the police welfare funds.

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