Highest Paying Companies In Ghana, Check Now

Highest Paying Companies In Ghana

Highest Paying Companies In Ghana, Check Now

A comprehensive list of highest paying companies in Ghana.

Ghana has a number of companies changing the life of its citizens. The government of Ghana can not single handedly manage employment opportunities hence, other hands joined in the alleviating of tough times of the citizens by employing them.

With regards to this article, the content will focus on the discussion of the highest paying companies in Ghana. A brief about the companies will also be stated here for your perusal.

To start with, it is evident that every establishment has the motive of making profit, expanding to reach more heights, helping the lower classes, assisting the government in a way, showering smiles onto the faces of their workers and humanity in all.

The first and foremost duty of an employee is to grasp job opportunity and work wholeheartedly for rewards. With that, the management of the companies will identify your willingness to lift them to the next level. In some cases, they turn a blind eye but, “work and happiness” should be the key since you are being paid a salary per month or/ per the schedule out there.

Taking a look at the companies below, most of them are private not state therefore aim for your success.


  • Ghana National Petroleum Commission (GNPC)
  • Tullow Oil PLC
  • Nestle Ghana
  • MTN, MTN Ghana
  • Bank of Ghana
  • Deloitte Ghana
  • KPMG
  • Total Ghana
  • Airtel Tigo


Ghana National Petroleum Commission (GNPC)

This company is an establishment by Ghana since 1983 till date. Their mandate is to help the government to provide and supply petroleum products adequately to its citizens in the name of reducing importation of petroleum products.
Graduates are employed to work with them. Their staff members receive a juicy take home at the end of every month coupled with other work related benefits.

Tullow Oil PLC

Tullow commenced its operation in Ghana since the year 2006 till date. They work tirelessly to meet the demand of their consumers. They are a well-known independent firm in their field of gas and oil since their inception.

Tullow is one of the highest paying companies in Ghana currently. All over Africa, they dominate the field of oil and gas with a high percentage on share after production. From the West East of African, Tullow rules and spreading to new places for other fields too.

Nestle Ghana

They are a food & beverage known company in Ghana that pays workers a higher salary. Their workers enjoy health insurance freely ( only when you are a staff for half a year or a full year with them).

They have terms and conditions that are attractive to workers hence, making it to the list of top highest paying companies in Ghana. Other work related benefits are attached with bonuses and leave.

MTN, MTN Ghana

Since the introduction of the company MTN, a lot of Ghanaians have benefited from working with them. They are also one of the highest paying companies in Ghana.

Across the length and breadth of Ghana, their offices and centres have filled everywhere ‘MTN, everywhere you go’.

Unarguably, MTN Ghana pays their staff members greatly to the extent of awarding customers now and then for their immense contribution and making the brand popular among their other allies. They offer packages despite failure in some of them, they are economic wise offers.

Their staff enjoys benefits due to then day in day out.

Bank of Ghana (BoG)

Staffs at BoG are paid a big cut as salary. Due to the nature and structure of the work, it is very tedious to get employment there. Bank of Ghana manages controls the financial wheels of Ghana therefore, persons to work must be trust before entrusting the finance of the land into their hands.

Salaries at BoG are juicy and fat, graduates are also employed if they meet their work standards.

Deloitte Ghana

One of the highest paying companies in Ghana is Deloitte Ghana. They audit, consultation works, managing and working as tax related skills firm since ages.

They serve their workers marvellously with highest salary and work related benefits. Staffs at Deloitte Ghana receives highest salary as compared to companies in Ghana.

Total Ghana

They are also a top-notch petroleum company which is part of the Global Top Group. They rate at the 4the largest company in the world of Oil and Gas.

In the energy sector, their works are inked deeply in the archives. They have widely covered Ghana with stations counting to 251 and above where they treat customers with care and respect. Their networks have grown since their inception till date. They supply the Bitumen & Mining Industries, Aviation, Roads sectors and the Manufacturing Industries globally.


In the banking sector of Ghana, ECOBANK stands tall as a highest payments paying company in Ghana that gives attractive and work worth salary to their satff members starting from the top most rank to the least under their auspices.

Work related pays are allocated to their works, other benefits are available for them as well. Starting from the entry-level to the senior level position with ECOBANK, their remunerations are the best.

Airtel Tigo

After the likes of the first two telecommunication giants in Ghana, Airtel Tigo becomes the next rated company. They give juicy salary to workers with other benefits as well.

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