Salaries of Bankers in Ghana 2022/2023

Salaries of Bankers in Ghana

Salaries of Bankers in Ghana

Bankers serve a great service to the nation and the Finance fraternity in general.

About Bankers salary In Ghana

A lot of knowledge seekers about salaries of bankers in Ghana always query about detailed articles on salaries.

We’ve gathered varied salaries of bankers in Ghana for all knowledge seekers right in this detailed article. In the Finance sector/field, the experience and title or position you hold in the sector define your

Logically, the ranking pays a higher salary. Holding a higher position in banking earns the worker a higher salary.

For new employees /or graduates in the banking sector, they earn a monthly payment in the range of GH¢2,100 to GH¢2,800 depending on where they find themselves in the work.


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Some people earn as low as GH¢ 800 and above in estimation

However, there are bonuses, allowances, transport, and other sector-related offers that are accompanied by the monthly salary.

Considering the salary of GCB PLC workers, we have gathered a list of salaries for bankers in Ghana. Since GCB PLC is also part of the banking sector, we have considered their salaries also for our search.

The salaries listed here are estimated and do not or might not reflect the ground result since gathering facts might not give the exact salary due to fear and other related reasons which are beyond research works.


The complete list of salaries of bankers in Ghana.

  1. Bank Regional Manager – GH¢10,900
  2. Bank Regional Risk Officer – GH¢ 5,640
  3. Bank Relationship Manager – GH¢ 7,820
  4. Bank Relationship Officer – GH¢3,660
  5. Business Development Officer – GH¢3,470
  6. Banking Business Planning Executive – GH¢7,440
  7. Banking Product Manager – GH¢6,330
  8. AML Analyst- GH¢7,620
  9. Assistant Bank Branch Manager- GH¢6,340
  10. Assistant Bank Manager -GH¢8,430
  11. ATM Manager 6,990 GHS
  12. ATM Service Technician 1,890 GHS
  13. Bank Accounts Analyst 2,980 GHS
  14. Bank Accounts Controller 3,830 GHS
  15. Bank Accounts Executive 5,580 GHS
  16. Bank Accounts Manager 6,360 GHS
  17. Bank Auditing Manager 6,610 GHS
  18. Bank Branch Manager 8,810 GHS
  19. Bank Clerk 1,640 GHS
  20. Bank Compliance Specialist 4,420 GHS
  21. Bank Manager 10,300 GHS
  22. Bank Operational Risk Manager 9,670 GHS
  23. Bank Operations Head 10,900 GHS
  24. Bank Operations Officer 4,280 GHS
  25. Bank Operations Specialist 6,330 GHS
  26. Bank Process Manager 5,540 GHS
  27. Bank Product Manager 6,820 GHS
  28. Bank Programme Manager 6,920 GHS
  29. Bank Project Manager 8,260 GHS
  30. Bank Propositions Manager 7,130 GHS
  31. Bank Quantitative Analyst 5,320 GHS
  32. Banking Reference Data Manager 5,710 GHS
  33. Banking Risk Analyst 5,430 GHS
  34. Banking Technical Analyst 2,830 GHS
  35. Bankruptcy Coordinator 3,690 GHS
  36. Budget Analyst 5,130 GHS
  37. Cards Marketing Manager 7,030 GHS
  38. Cash Management Manager 9,520 GHS
  39. Check Processing Manager 6,920 GHS
  40. Commercial Vault Associate 5,090 GHS
  41. Corporate Dealer 5,640 GHS
  42. Credit Analyst 4,340 GHS
  43. Credit and Collections Manager 7,410 GHS
  44. Credit Card Fraud Investigator 5,580 GHS
  45. Credit Portfolio Manager 9,990 GHS
  46. Credit Risk Analyst 5,910 GHS
  47. Credit Risk Associate 5,970 GHS
  48. Direct Bank Sales Representative 3,750 GHS
  49. Financial Bank Planning Consultant 7,160 GHS
  50. Financial Banking Analysis Manager 7,510 GHS
  51. Financial Banking Assistant GH¢2,650
  52. Financial Banking Systems Manager 7,430 GHS
  53. Foreign Exchange Manager 7,800 GHS
  54. Fraud Analyst – GH¢5,590
  55. Fraud Detection Associate – GH¢3,800
  56. Fraud Detection Manager – GH¢7,950
  57. Fraud Detection Supervisor – GH¢4,500
  58. Internal Bank Audit Manager – GH¢10,000

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