Salaries of GRA Workers 2022/2023

Salaries of GRA Workers 2022/2023

Salaries of GRA Workers 2022/2023

Ghana Revenue Authority simply called GRA is a government institution established in 2009 to cater to revenue-related tasks for the country.

What is the organizational structure of GRA?

The organizational structure of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) is made up of a 9-member government Board of Directors. The public and private sector experts are the makeup.


  1. They are reserved for the taking of policy decisions that will be implemented by GRA Management.
  2. Making recommendations. The board recommends to the Minister of Finance tax policy reforms and legislation that will benefit their institution and the general populace at large.

How does one become a member of the GRA board?

They get office through appointment. The Chairman of the Board and the CEO of GRA known as the Commissioner-General get office through the President’s appointment.


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How many divisions are in GRA?

There are three (3) giant divisions in Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA). At the top of the hierarchy is the Commissioner-General. He/she is assisted by 3 other commissioners. The divisions are as follows:

  1. Customs Division (CD)
  2. Domestic Tax Revenue Division (DTRD)
  3. Support Services Division (SSD)

Who heads the divisions in GRA?

GRA divisions are headed/managed by the Commissioners of the Authority.

In every set-up, ranks are accorded much respect. Every rank has an assigned role that helps the service. Salaries are influenced by ranks, education qualifications, experience, etc.

What is the salary of a GRA worker?

At the ordinary branch level of GRA, their employees are paid monthly between GH¢1,500.00 and GH¢4,154.00.

The Bosses are believed to earn higher salaries which are not disclosed to the general public.

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