How to apply for the National Rental scheme online

How to apply for the National Rental scheme online
How to apply for the National Rental scheme online

How to apply for the National Rental scheme online

Here is a detailed guide on how to apply for the National Rental scheme online

Making the long-birthed rent challenge in Ghana come to an end, the Government of Ghana has worked tirelessly to tackle the eating up canker in the Ghanaian space.

The National Rental Assistance Scheme was established by The Government of Ghana in 2022 to address and correct the Rent Advance problem that has placed an undue financial burden on the people of Ghana for far too long.

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National Rental Assistance Scheme focuses on paying your Rent Advance directly to the landlord that you pay back in monthly installments.

Through the National Rental Assistance Scheme (NRAS) landlords will receive their monies for rent but no more for years than they used to.

“Our singular objective is to Make Renting in Ghana more affordable and accessible for all Ghanaian renters without any equivocation. Our goal is to implement this scheme in all 16 regions of Ghana and offer our services to any Ghanaian adult who is employed with a company or self-employed and can make monthly affordable rent payments,” NRAS.

The long-term vision of the 2022 birth rental scheme is to completely wipe away the undue burden that advance rent places on the Ghanaian renter.

How does NRAS work?

  1. You have to complete an online /or paper application and submit it it it.
  2. Your proof of income, employment, identification, and one passport picture will be needed.
  3. Processing the application will attract a processing fee of GH¢100 cedis paid to their office.
  4. Next, the Scheme will verify the authenticity of your submitted application and supporting documents before any other actions.
  5. In 5 to 10 business days, Scheme will evaluate your affordability for the rent amount being sorted.
  6. They will notify you of application acceptance or denial.
  7. If your application is accepted, Scheme will advise you to begin an apartment or room search and rent advance payment made directly to the Landlord as soon as possible.
  8. You will be asked to make an advance payment for the rent. After making the rent advance payment, you will be bound to make your low and affordable monthly rent payment to National Rental Assistance Scheme at the beginning of each month
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What are the requirements for National Rental Assistance Scheme?

What makes one eligible to apply for support from the National rent scheme?

The eligibility for the National Rent scheme is as follows:

  1. proof of three (3) months of employment payslips will be needed.
  2. Income evidence is also another eligibility or requirement. For business owners, an audited financial statement will serve as their proof of income.

For other workers, three (3) months”””””””” leg of al/official bank stastatementssll is needed. In a situation where you are paid via Mobile Money (MoMo), kindly show proof of payment.

  1. Proof of identity. Here, you have to submit two (2) forms of National Identification

How to apply for National Rental scheme online

To access and apply via the online portal developed for NRAS, kindly follow the steps below.

Step 1: visit the online portal by clicking

Step 2: When the portal opens, locate the tab dubbed “Apply Now” and click it.

Step 3: After access in step 2, the next action is to “Sign Up”

Step 4: Your credentials will be asked for. Provide them as requested. YYouremaillocaion and digital address are the needed details.

Step 5: To secure your account and details, you have to create a strong password. Next, you have to develop a strong “Password” which cannot be guessed by anyone.

NB: Do not use your date of birth, or phoneme number as a password because t is easy for attacks to guess.

Step 6: After developing and entering your strong password, the system will automatically ask you to confirm it.

Step 7: Finally, you are about to be part of the National Rental Assistance Scheme.

Click the “Sign up” tab and wait patiently for another display.

What is the cost involved in the National Rental scheme online application

What is the cost involved in processng NRAS application?

The processing of the National Rental application will attract a processing fee of GH¢100 cedis paid to their office.

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