NSS Allowance Payment Date & Schedule 2023/2024

Nss allowance payment date

NSS Allowance Payment Date & Schedule

NSS Allowance Payment Date & Schedule. Check details on NSS Allowance amount, registration portal, monthly evaluation forms, and requirements for nss

Are you wondering what NSS is all about? | why is the allowance small? | Is NSS a must for all?


Who pays the NSS allowance?

The government pays through the NSS agency into the E-Zwitch Cards of nss personnel.

What is needed for NSS allawa payment?

Completing your nss monthly assessment form, submit it to the District Office of the scheme’s office by the 15th(every month) and wait for the joy.

Who pays national service personnel?

The government pays. But, for the personnel working with private establishments, their companies will pay their allowances including a service charge equal to 20 percent of their basic service as a directive to the Executive Director of NSS.

Who takes a high allowance?

The Medical students are paid gh¢3,000 a month for two (2) years after they graduate from medical school.

NSS 2022/2023 Registration Date, Check Now

Are they paid by the national service secretariat?

No. Their service is called houseman ship, hence, they are not paid by NSS.

Why is NSS necessary?

It is necessary because, it’s an avenue for graduates to explore the job markets they’ve learned theories on, meet real-life job experiences, develop and learn ideas on real grounds, and also equipping their selves with the needed practical skills hence, adding to the country’s economy.

History Of NSS

The National Service Secretariat(NSS) established under the Ministry of Education in 1973 is a body/agency that belongs to the government of Ghana.

The agency is mandated to expose graduates from tertiary institutions that have been accredited to the job market. NSS have laid down rules and guidelines that regulate how graduates should go in their one-year period of service.

The Online Portal?

Proceed and select the button Check And Pay For Pin Code when it appears
portal.nss.gov.gh/checkpin and follow the steps.

•NB: The pin code generated would be needed to ACTIVATE the portal payment.

What is the current NSS Allowance ?

The current National Service Scheme NSS allowance for the 2022/2023 academic year is GhC 559.00

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