Salaries Of Radio Presenters In Ghana

Salaries Of Radio Presenters In Ghana

Salaries Of Radio Presenters In Ghana

A radio presenter is someone who hosts and broadcasts programs such as talk shows, news bulletins, music, sports, and others.
Now let’s look at the duties of a radio presenter.

What Are The Duties Of A Radio Presenter?

The following are some of the duties required of radio presenters ;

• They are tasked to make research and prepare for the program to be presented.

• They must communicate with their listeners.

• They are to search and provide accurate information for the public.

• They also allowed interviewing their guests and prominent personalities for information.

• they must feed their listeners with exciting programs.

How Much Time Do Radio Presenters Spend At Work?

This varies based on the presenter, nature of work, location, or the station of the presenter.

Salaries of Journalists in Ghana 2022

Normally, the time range of a presenter is between one to six hours a day, thus 1 – 6 daily. It may exceed that sometimes.

How Much Does A Radio Presenter Earn In A Month?

The monthly salary of a media worker in Ghana ranges from GHC 2,340. 00 as the lowest to GHC 9,050. 00 as the highest.
This isn’t a standard salary structure since it may fall below or high this range based on qualifications and industries.

Requirements Of A Radio Presenter.

For one to qualify to present on a duo, he or she must have the following requirements ;

• Education
A radio presenter must have at least a certificate in broadcasting and journalism from a well-known and certified institution.
• Certificates and licenses.

One must be licensed by the Ghana National Institute Of Journalism to be able to work as a journalist or a radio presenter.

• Training and Experience.
After the completion of education from a certified journalism school, one must have undergone an attachment program to gain experience for the job he or she can undertake.

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