List Of Top 10 Youngest Richest Men In Ghana

List Of Top 10 Youngest Richest Men In Ghana

List Of Top 10 Youngest Richest Men In Ghana

Here is the list of the Top 10 Youngest Richest Men In Ghana

The world of youngest richest men has names of Ghanaians wailing their homeland flag highest amid the mismanagement of heads.

A lot of young men have attained wealth status via their hard work or inheritance. Some were exposed to many obstacles and opportunities while others are just to raise the bar with little or no effort.

The top 10 youngest richest men in Ghana are Founders, CEOs, and Chairman of their blood and toil.

Many of them are in Real Estate, Oil, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and many other covered and uncovered businesses.

Top 10 Youngest Richest Men In Ghana

Here are the top youngest richest men in Ghana.

Cheddar owns Wonda Real Estates. He has several businesses that plow millions of cash for him.

Freedom Jacob Caesar (FJC) /Cheddar is known we’ll for flaunting his wealth. He is a lover of automobiles. In his garage are top-notch automobiles that you will think of first among others.

Kevin Okyere, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Springfield Energy.

His establishment is a well-vested Oil company making waves since 2008 till date.

Daniel McKorley widely known as McDan is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of the McDan Group of Companies. He has McDan Shipping Company. A subsidiary of the McDan Group of Companies. His McDan Shipping Company started operation in the year 1999.

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There are other businesses that he has ventured into since he commenced entrepreneurial work.

The 3rd slot goes to the Oil & Gas entrepreneur, Kofi Amoa-Abban.

He gave birth to Rigworld Group in 2011. They are forced into Oil & Gas operations throughout West Africa.

Top 10 Youngest Richest Men In Ghana And Their Net Worth

  1. Freedom Jacob Caesar – $2 Billion to $5 Billion.
  2. Kevin Okyere – $800 Million to $1.2 Billion.
  3. McDan – $600 Million to $1 Billion.
  4. Dr. Kofi Amoa-Abban – $500 Million.
  5. Dr. Sledge Duodu – $250 Million.
  6. Richard Nii Armah Quaye – $10 Million.
  7. Kofi Boat – $8 Million.
  8. Jibril Baron Cash – $6 Million.
  9. Kennedy Osei – $5 Million.
  10. Alien Gh – $3.8 Million.

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