Salaries Of BNI Officers In Ghana

Salaries Of BNI Officers In Ghana

Salaries Of BNI Officers In Ghana

About BNI

BNI is the internal intelligence agency of Ghana established in the year 1996 under the Security and Intelligence Agency Act (Act 526) 1996 having been continued in existence by section 10 of that Act.
It is affiliated with the Ministry of National Security.
The agency gained its new name National Intelligence Bureau ( NIB) in the year 2020.

Membership Of BNI

The agency has its membership in all the sixteen (16) regions in the country, being a security agency, the members are undisclosed.

What Are The Roles or Duties Of BNI Officers In Ghana

The NIB being affiliated with the Ministry of National Security has investigative jurisdiction to arrest or detain and interrogate a wide range of criminal activities.

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They join with the police in related activities to effect an arrest and detain. The agency has the right to invite alleged defaulters for interrogation.

Other functions of BNI

√ Cyberwarfare
√ Counterintelligence
√ Internal Security
√ Intelligence agency
√ Security agency

What is the Salary of Salary Of BNI Officers in Ghana?

The salary disbursement is based on one rank in the agency. The salary starts at the whooping amount of GHS 67,798.00 up to GHS 145,811 per year.

In conclusion, the NIB supports bringing to book defaulters of financial crime and all threats to national security.

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