Salaries Of Technical University Lecturers In Ghana

Salaries Of Technical University Lecturers In Ghana

Salaries Of Technical University Lecturers In Ghana

Lecturers are very important people in the educational sector of Ghana and worldwide. They prepare students for their future careers and job opportunities.

They impart knowledge and training to students in all areas of life, academically and otherwise which is very key in building the nation.

For this reason, our technical university lecturers are id more than the professionals they educate. .ow much are technical university lecturers paid in Ghana? Is the amount enough per the workload they do? Find the responses to these questions in this article.

In Ghana, before one becomes a lecturer, one needs to go through levels of education and write a couple of research works.

Much is expected of lectures so by the time you finally become one, you must have worked your dream out.

With whatever rank they might be, whether teaching assistant, lecturer, senior lecturer, or professor the workload isn’t an easy one.
This is the reason why they deserve a decent monthly payment and other allowances.

Salary Of Technical University Lecturers

Lecturers in the lowest rank are paid between GHC 3750 to GHC 4020 in a month.

Senior lecturers are paid between GHC 5450 to GHC 7030 every month.

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Professors are paid a little more than the others. The salary of professors is between GHC 8000 to GHC 8650 monthly.

Now you can ascertain why lecturers are always on their toes getting things done, just to move up the organizational hierarchy. It is not an easy task to study and impact knowledge in others to build their future.

Conditions That Affect The Salary Structure of Technical University Lecturers

• One of the major factors that affect the salary structure is the institution of work.
• Another one is the sector. Private technical university lecturers are paid more compared to what public sector lecturers earn.
• Experience is another factor for salary variations.
• Locality is another important factor.

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