Akatsi College of Education Develops Electronic Voting System To Elect 2022 SRC Executives

Akatsi College of Education develops Electronic Voting System to elect 2022 SRC Executives

Akatsi College of Education develops Electronic Voting System to elect 2022 SRC Executives

The management of the Akatsi College of Education has developed an electronic voting system to conduct campus-based Student Representative Council Elections.

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The management of the College on 18th September 2022, successfully rolled out its newly developed Electronic Voting (E-voting) system to elect Student Representative Council Executives for the 2022/2023 academic year.

Voting Procedures

  • Before voting commences, a unique Voter ID & Voter Key will be sent to all students who provided their accurate details on the compiled voter register.
  • A general & common link will be embedded in the message which eligible voters would use to visit the voting site
  • After visiting the site, every voter is expected to fill in the rectangular boxes with their Voter ID & Voter keys and press Login
  • An interface with all the candidate’s pictures will appear, you then click on the radio buttons(circles) beside your preferred candidates
  • Submit the ballot once you’re done

Election commences on 18th September 2022 at exactly 3:00 am

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