How To Print NSS Evaluation Forms, Check Now

How To Print NSS Evaluation Forms

How To Print NSS Evaluation Forms

The National Service Evaluation Form is a form filled out on monthly basis by NSS personnel for the Scheme. The form is filled out to know if personnel are up and doing on the grounds.

There is a column for attendance on the monthly evaluation form which will be filled before submitting it to the District / Municipal/ Metropolitan.

Failure to do that means you will not receive the monthly allowance due you.

How To Print NSS Evaluation Forms

To print your NSS monthly evaluation form, use the link and get to your dashboard.

Log in with your registered email and password then you sign in.

When it opens, go straight to the home key at the far right top.

Search for “Your allawa” and click.

Another menu/button will appear with the name print your monthly evaluation form.

Select it to download the form.

Fill out the necessary parts or contact your Headteacher for a guideline on how to fill it out.

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Take note that most of the details have been typed directly on the form and may be due for download.

There are some portions meant to be filled by the Headteacher and yourself.

When your Headteacher is done signing, kindly submit the form to your
District / Municipal/ Metropolitan’s office.


The form is divided into three (3) parts. PART 1, 2, and 3.

The name of your District / Municipal/ Metropolitan.

Your -wish number

Your passport photo

Your name

Name of institution

Portion for signature

Phone number

Name of Organization

Total working days columns

Area to tick how punctual you responded to work


To all NSS Personnel, make sure you submit the form on time to avoid delay in the payment of your allowance.

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