List Of Ghana’s Top 20 Highest-Paying Jobs, Check Now

List Of Ghana's Top 20 Highest-Paying Jobs

Ghana’s Top 20 Highest-Paying Jobs, Check Now

Ghana’s Top 20 Highest-Paying Jobs include the following; Financial Analyst, Lawyer, Accountant, Nurse/Doctor, management consultant, business development manager, etc

Most people dream of being the boss and getting paid a big paycheck every month, but not many people have the skills to be able to take on that role. In Ghana, there are plenty of job opportunities available, but not all of them are high-paying jobs. To help you navigate your career options in this area, we’ve put together this list of the top 20 highest-paying jobs in Ghana in 2017.


It is not a surprise that Accountants are on top of our list, considering their vital role in businesses and households. The role of an accountant has greatly evolved, from number cruncher to strategic business partner. Because accounting knowledge is so important for businesses, accountants typically enjoy high pay—and job security. Forbes recently rated accountants as one of its Best Job categories for 2014. With more than 3 million jobs currently posted online, there’s no question why the profession remains popular in Ghana.


In Ghana, one of every twelve employed people works as a lawyer. That’s a higher ratio than in all but five other countries in Africa, according to the national market research organization PayScale. But not just any lawyer will land one of these top jobs; almost all require an additional qualification called a legal diploma. This qualification is issued by Ghana’s Law School after an LLB (the highest law degree) has been completed. Working as a lawyer might seem like a challenging and stressful occupation, but considering how much better their median pay compares to others across industries, it may well be worth it. As far as we can tell, lawyers are Ghana’s best-paid workers.


Becoming a nurse or doctor in Ghana is lucrative as wages for these jobs average $3,000 – $4,500/month. The workload is also relatively low so most medical professionals earn more than enough to live comfortably with just one job. For nursing positions, you must go through two years of training and certification before being qualified for work. Doctors must complete four years of study at an accredited university before applying for a residency program that lasts several years. These positions are hard to come by due to high demand and high competition but anyone with a passion for medicine can do it!

Business Executive/Management Consultant

Business executive and management consultant are just a couple of job titles in Ghana that average over $15 per hour. According to recent research, businesses tend to have difficulty finding qualified professionals for key positions and often recruit expatriates instead. If you can convince a firm you’re worth hiring with your skills, you might be set up for steady, high-paying work—with an equally impressive title to boot. Business owners will pay top dollar for skilled and trustworthy executives who can advise on how best to run their company. In terms of qualifications, managers usually require at least a bachelor’s degree and at least five years of experience in related fields; some may even prefer an MBA or two decades of relevant experience.


The best paying profession in Ghana is banking, with an average annual salary of $17,900. This is followed by stockbrokers at $14,800. The low barriers to entry mean that competition isn’t as fierce as it would be in a Western country, which has allowed African banks to thrive and dominate their markets; so if you can score an interview with one of these banks – or any bank in Ghana for that matter – you stand a good chance of landing a job here. About 56% of people working in banking & financial activities make their living in Ghana. If you’re aiming for the big leagues here, be aware that it will take time: those at the executive level earn around $37,000 per year on average. Boring?

Sales Representative/Business Development Manager

$35,000-$55,000; It should be noted that many of these positions will require living in a big city in Ghana. Though Accra has less than 3 million people, it is home to at least 50% of all Ghanaians who work in its formal economy. Most jobs in Accra are connected to business (i.e., government officials), NGOs, or other large institutions rather than small businesses or entrepreneurs. The salaries shown above include commissions for sales representatives and can rise higher with performance bonuses.

Software Developer

Some of Africa’s most talented developers are moving to Ghana in search of opportunities. Although it may not be known as a technology powerhouse, Ghana has been rapidly growing its ICT industry. As a result, there are plenty of software development jobs for English speakers. If you know how to code, you can earn as much as USD 2,200 per month in Ghana—that’s better than what many teachers and professors make back home!

Financial Analyst

$2,500.00 to $7,000.00 per month: With a financial analyst’s salary in Ghana ranging from GHS 2,500 to GHS 7,000 per month it is easy to see why many people are drawn toward a career in finance. Becoming a certified financial analyst takes three years and several exams; after that, an individual will be able to pursue a career as a certified financial analyst or CFA.

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Jobs with Highest Salary in Ghana

Administrator/Executive Secretary

The top-paying job in Ghana is a chief administrator or executive secretary, according to government figures. As of 2012, their median salary was $20,500 per year (USD). Secretaries and administrative assistants typically have an associate’s degree in a relevant field.

Architectural Draftsperson

In Ghana, an architectural draftsperson is a certified professional who prepares drawings, designs, and plans for buildings based on instructions provided by an architect. It is also required that drafters can read blueprints and building codes to prepare detailed drawings of spaces that require adherence to codes.

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These professionals may also develop design details from established principles and standards in preparation for construction.

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Marketing Manager/Executive Assistant

A marketing manager is responsible for developing and executing a firm’s marketing strategy. Marketing managers typically have at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing, along with 5+ years of experience in marketing management. According to BLS data, in 2015, marketers reported an average annual salary of $134,530. Additionally, Job Outlook data suggests that job opportunities for marketers will increase by 17% from 2014 to 2024.

Company Secretary/Legal Assistant

In Ghana, a company secretary is a lawyer licensed to work for a company. In most cases, he or she helps draft and review business contracts, patents, and licenses as well as ensures compliance with legal requirements. Salaries of these professionals generally range from USD 25,000 to $45,000 annually.

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Computer Programmer

Starting salaries for computer programmers are $13,000 in Ghana. Experienced professionals can earn up to $24,000 a year.

Building Surveyor (Surveyor)/Quantity Surveyor (QS)/Commissioned Salesman

  • Construction Industry

These people work in various fields including civil engineering, construction, and architecture. They collect information about building materials and their costs, estimate construction projects and monitor projects’ status. In Ghana, they earn a mean annual wage of $10,000 to $15,000 or GH¢340 to GH¢600 per day (as of 2011). The median wage is around $12,000 annually while other estimates say they can earn a mean monthly payment of $1,250 as QS or Commissioned Salesman/Woman.

Nurse Manager – Medical & Health Care Workers

$2,584 – $4,745 (monthly) 9.9% projected employment growth in 2021 and 18,300 total jobs.

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