Ranks In GES And Their Salaries, Check Now

Ranks In GES And Their Salaries, Check Now

Ranks In GES And Their Salaries, Check Now

GES (Ghana Education Service) is the institution that regulates all matters concerning education within the country. It is state-owned and therefore operates to help achieve excellence in the country as far as education is concerned.

Let’s get into it more, and see the ranks within the institution and their salaries.


GES, as said earlier, possesses the ultimate right to take drastic decisions for the betterment of education within the country at all levels.
They have a mission statement to “To ensure that all Ghanaian children of school-going age are provided with inclusive and equitable quality formal education and training through effective and efficient management of resources to make education delivery relevant to the manpower needs of the nation.

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A well-defined set of responsibilities as enshrined in their duty statement, which reads “GES is responsible for the implementation of approved national pre-tertiary educational policies and programs to ensure that all Ghanaian children of school-going age irrespective of tribe, gender, disability, religious and political affiliations are provided with inclusive and equitable quality formal education.

What are the functions of GES?

GES has specific functions, such as:
• To provide and supervise Basic Education, Tertiary education, and Special education.
• To strive and ensure the evolution and talents among its members.

• To maintain professional conduct and exalted standards of personnel.

• To recruit and post qualified teaching and non-teaching staff, annually.

What is the composition of GES?

Well, at the head of events, GES is run by a fifteen-member council called the “GES Council”.

They have the following subdivisions
✓ Guidance and Counseling Unit.
✓ School Health Education Program Unit.
✓ Special Education Division.
✓ Secondary Education Division.
✓ Basic Education Division.
✓ Technical and Vocational Education Division.
✓ Human Resources Management and Development Division.
✓ Finance
School and Instructions

About ten divisions in total with different sets of functions. All these have been decentralized into the school levels, with various distinctions.


The following are the ranks in the GES, and their salaries as clearly spelled out in the Single Spine Salary Structure ( SSSS). Awaiting restructuring though, which will be undertaken soon

  1. The Director General: this is the highest rank in the institution, a politically appointed position, with recommendations from the GES Council. He served four years and leaves office with the government that appointed him.
    The monthly gross salary is GHS 6,254
  2. The Deputy Director General: the next in line, made up two folds, one in charge of quality assurance and one in charge of management.
    They support the Director General.
    Monthly gross salary is GHS5,465
  3. Assistant Director |: He tracks the progress of policies implemented by the Ministry of Education.
    Monthly gross salary is GHS 3,133
  4. Assistant Director ||: the next rank that offers assistance to the Assistant Director | in discharging his duties. One will serve here for three years before being ready for promotion to Assistant Director |.
    Monthly gross salary: GHS 2,433
  5. Principal Superintendent: this rank is attained when you serve as a Senior Superintendent | for at least five years. They manage schools in circuits and some who have degree certificates might not serve as Senior Superintendents |.
    Monthly gross salary GHS 1,987
  6. Senior Superintendent |: Any teacher who has served as the Senior Superintendent || for four years with enough output may qualify for this rank.
    Monthly gross salary GHS 1,766
  7. Senior Superintendent ||: these are mainly teachers with diplomas from the training colleges, now colleges of education.
    Monthly gross salary GHS 1,569
  8. Teacher: the last rank within the GES ranking structure, these are unprofessional persons in the GES, they have no professional certification in education, but have found a way to work with the institution. They used WASSCE, SSCE, OR HND to enter the teaching field.
    Monthly gross salary GHS 1,239

It is imperative to know that professional teachers with qualifications above the various ranks even as high as the principal Superintendent and the Assistant Directors are earning higher salaries as compared to those ranks, there are other allowances and increments in place, yet to be accrued into the SSSS ( Single Spine Salary Structure).

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