Salaries of Civil Servants in Ghana

Salaries of Civil Servants in Ghana

Salaries of Civil Servants in Ghana

In every country, some citizens work in various sectors of governance. These include health employees, education employees, etc.
Before we look into their monthly intake, let me walk you through a brief history.

About Civil Servant In Ghana

The service was established to replace the Gold Coast Civil Service. The duty of the Civil Service, as stated in the Civil Service Law, 1993 PNDCL 327, “is to assist the Government in the formulation and implementation of government policies for the development of the country.”

What is the salary of a Civil Servant in Ghana

A Civil Servant’s salary depends on the rank in the said service which ranges from GHS 1,280.00 (minimum) to 22,600.00 GHS(maximun) per month, that is after deduction of tax and other incentives.

These payments are also supported by allowances depending on the job of the worker.

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