Salaries of NHIS workers in Ghana 2022

Salaries of NHIS workers in Ghana 2022

Salaries of NHIS workers in Ghana 2022

Ghana Health Insurance Scheme simply known as NHIS in Ghana started operation in 2003 under the (ACT 650 Amended Act 852). In the year 2004, the Act was full implementation where they commenced work fully.

Ghana boosts as the 1st ever country among the Sub-Saharan African countries that brought the scheme to light.

What is the salary of Ghana NHIS workers?


NHIS workers and their Salary

  1. The Monitoring and Evaluation Officer earns an estimated salary of GH¢1,470.00 monthly. It means their annual salary is around GH¢17,640.00.
  2. Senior Manager, M&E earns an estimated salary of GH¢4,000.00 monthly. It means their annual salary is around GH¢ 48,000.00.

What are the benefits of Ghana NHIS?


The scheme encompasses a lot of benefits. They are as follows:

Outpatient services entail diagnostic testing and operations. Some of them are hernia repair, most in-patient services, including specialist care, and most surgeries. Also, the area of hospital accommodation or general ward, oral health treatments, and all maternity care services, including Caesarean deliveries; emergency care, among others are the spelled services NHIS Ghana covers with their scheme.


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Does NHIS cover pregnancy?

YES. The scheme covers pregnant women. Vulnerable groups which also include elderly people are covered under Ghana NHIS. Such persons are defined as those over seventy (70) years and persons under 18 years, pregnant women and, including their newborns.

Does NHIS charge below 18 years?

The NHIS Ghana’s service is provided free to children below 18 years. It is free of charge. Below 18 belongs to the vulnerable group hence, they enjoy free charge service.

How can I access NHIS on the phone?

NHIS Ghana code for phone

What is NHIS Code?

To use the NHIS service to Check Policy Validity, Renew Membership, New Registration, and link of Ghana Card, dial the short code *929#

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